Thursday, 16 February 2017


Well, I am in week #6 and doing really well.  I am so proud of my dedication and my marks are rewarding the hard work.  This next week is a doozy though.  I have a few big assignments that will take a lot of time to complete.

I am working about a week ahead so that I am able to take on a few hours here and there at the Montessori School and I am spending time there doing my observations as well.  Gosh, I love those kids!

Leo, our golden retriever puppy will be five weeks old this Sunday.  He is coming home with us in mid-March and we can't wait!  He's the cutest little thing!!!

Report cards came home last week for Middleman and usual, both were fantastic.  So proud of them.  Boy Oneder is doing well in third year uni as well and working hard at his part time job.  Middleman is taking driving lessons, so he will have his licence soon...where on earth does the time go???

Can't think of much else that's going on at the moment.  It's nice to have a bit of a calm in the storm of to focus on my assignments!

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Monday, 6 February 2017

What a week!

We sold our less than 24 hours on the 10% above asking price.

It all happened so fast, my head is still spinning!

We interviewed two agents on Thursday, made our decision on Friday, signed the listing agreement on Saturday, had the stagers at the house on Tuesday, listed Thursday at 12:00 am and sold by Thursday at 11:59 pm!  It was a very stressful week, but my goodness, I am grateful for it being so fast!

We move to the new house in June.

Oh and we bought a new puppy. Leo, a golden retriever, will join us in March.  He is 4 weeks old right now and oh, so cute!  He will be Middleman's dog and Middleman's responsibility.  Here's hoping he lives up to his word and Mamma doesn't end up being the slave!

College is going great!   I was able to get myself to a place where I was working two weeks ahead....and then last week happened. LOL!  Now, I am back to about one week ahead after working hard on Friday to catch up.  My grades are very good so far.  I'm loving it.

We've had a hell of a bumpy ride over the last couple of years.  It's nice to have some good news to share. :)  God has a plan and the plan is played out in His time....not ours.  SO grateful. Pin It
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