Sunday, 18 December 2016

One week from now

It will all be over. And my kids will be disappointed. This year is different. Hubster is out of work, I work for peanuts and we are closing in our new house in June. Christmas, gift-wise, will be a bust. And it sucks.

Christmas has always been a gift fest here. $300 per kid was the norm. This year, $100 is barely doable. And it sucks.

Christmas is not about the gifts...but it is. We celebrate Jesus' birth first. My kids know that this is what Christmas is about. But, due to high paying jobs, my kids have never known not getting what they asked for for Christmas.

But as much as Christmas morning will suck from a material perspective, my kids will have their parents and grandmothers around the tree. They will have a warm house, full bellies, love, all their necessities and stuff they don't need, but want.

We are abundantly blessed. Sure, life sucks at the moment financially, but we have our health, our love, all that we need and more. We just don't have over the top materialism. And I'm ok with that.

I hope my boys won't focus on what they didn't get and instead, focus on their blessings.

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