Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

What a great couple of days it has been!

Time spent with my boys, my Mom and MIL.

Laughter, fun, food, drink, love and warmth.  All that this girl could ever ask for.

My Threepeat made a beautiful decoration at was by far, my favourite gift

My Hubster and three boys bought me a new Fitbit because my old one was being held together with bandaids for a few months.  I love my new Alta...except it reminds me to get up and walk when I am still for too long.  GAH!

Mom got me new plate sets...8 of them, along with new drinking glasses....all much needed.  They will be put away until we move.  She also got me some nice comfy jammies.

The boys were all happy with their I mentioned before, we laid low this year, but they were thrilled with their gifts.  Deep down, I knew they would be.  They are great kids.

I really missed speaking to Granny.  Our first year without her and she didn't leave my thoughts.  It was strange not to get together around the family room and take turns talking to her.  I hope she was with us in spirit.

Tomorrow, we get to spend time with my girlies at Grandma's house...more fun, more eating and more love and warmth.

So far beyond blessed...just so, so blessed.

Merry Christmas. xo Pin It

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