Saturday, 22 October 2016 now that I have your attention....

I'm no longer a full time employee.

Since about December, 2014, life had me by the balls. Hubster was working long hours downtown, Boy Oneder was in university, Middleman was in high school, Threepeat was in elementary school, and I was a manager, responsible for 24 people. We only had two cars and Hubster had to take the train downtown every day. Boy Oneder took Hubster's car to school every day after dropping Hubster off at the train station. I couldn't leave for work until Threepeat went to school at 8:15 and I had to leave work in time to pick up Hubster from the train station. We would rush home to Middleman and Threepeat (most days, Boy Oneder had to work evenings) and then, we had to get Middleman and Threepeat to soccer. Every day of the week. We ran like this until May, 2015, when I essentially had a nervous breakdown.

I got to a point where I simply couldn't do it anymore and the only thing I could put on hold was work. I went to see my doctor and he immediately put me in two weeks' leave. I was a mess. two weeks turned into almost a year. With much help and support, I overcame. But, I knew I wasn't ready to return to full time work. The company I worked for had been so supportive while I was off, but, understandably, they couldn't accommodate a part time position, so I made the very difficult decision to leave the company I had called home for twenty years.

As of June 1st, I was unemployed.

And it was a blessing in disguise. While I was terrified about leaving a company that was so good to me for so many years, a company that felt like family, I knew it was for the best.

I can't thank that company enough for the love and support shown to me through the years...they were amazing to me on numerous occasions and I am blessed to have worked there for as long as I did.

Two weeks later, out of nowhere, Hubster was laid off. Holy shit. Both of us out of work with a new house to move into soon...our closing date was in limbo at that point. We were terrified.

We prayed, we cried, we got angry, we prayed some more and we hoped that everything would work out.

To be continued..... Pin It

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