Saturday, 31 December 2016

So long 2016!

And so, here we the final hours of 2016.  A year filled with turmoil,

I originally typed "A year filled with turmoil and disappointment" but that's not totally true.

Sure, we have had some disappointment..ok quite a lot...but it is so easy to focus on the negative and forget the positives!

Hubster lost his job.  That sucked.  But he was absolutely miserable there anyway, so it was a bit of a blessing.  He took another job and was laid off again.  That sucked.  And it was a blow to his already bruised ego.  He has worked hard to find another job, but he's "old" in the corporate world and has been passed over many times by "youngsters" who cost much less than a seasoned employee like him.  A little bit of good news is that he will be starting a non-corporate job next week.  It won't pay nearly as much as his previous jobs, but hopefully, it will be enough to pay the bills and I truly think he will love it...and that's the most important part, in my opinion.

We lost my sweet Granny in February.  She was 95.  She lived a long life and she was able to meet all of my boys, but I miss her voice so much.

I quit my highly stressful corporate job in May and have since started working my dream job as a supply teaching assistant at a local Montessori School.  I make less money per hour than my two sons do, but I'm happy.  I'm genuinely happy. I start full-time online college courses on January 10th with a goal of completing my ECE diploma.I'm excited and terrified at the same time, but I truly believe it is my destiny.

I am huge.  Bigger than ever.  And that's going to change.  Starting January 2nd, I am going back to Wheat Belly.  Enough is enough.  I feel like a hoompa loompa and I hate looking at myself in the mirror.  Nothing fits, I struggle to walk most days and I feel like a 90 year old.  Time to get healthy again.

I have a couple of dear friends who are very sick with cancer. Young moms who don't deserve to be fighting this evil disease.  I pray that 2017 finds them both cured and healthy again.

2016 was a stressful and eventful year, but I have learned a lot from the hurdles we have had to navigate.  It could have been much, much worse, for we have our health and we have each other.  That's most important.

2017 will be another year of change...hopefully all for the good!  We move to our new house in June, so the first six months will be spent preparing.  We've done quite a bit, but we have much more to do.  One day at a time.

If anyone is still out there reading my blog, I wish you peace, prosperity and happiness for 2017. Pin It

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

What a great couple of days it has been!

Time spent with my boys, my Mom and MIL.

Laughter, fun, food, drink, love and warmth.  All that this girl could ever ask for.

My Threepeat made a beautiful decoration at was by far, my favourite gift

My Hubster and three boys bought me a new Fitbit because my old one was being held together with bandaids for a few months.  I love my new Alta...except it reminds me to get up and walk when I am still for too long.  GAH!

Mom got me new plate sets...8 of them, along with new drinking glasses....all much needed.  They will be put away until we move.  She also got me some nice comfy jammies.

The boys were all happy with their I mentioned before, we laid low this year, but they were thrilled with their gifts.  Deep down, I knew they would be.  They are great kids.

I really missed speaking to Granny.  Our first year without her and she didn't leave my thoughts.  It was strange not to get together around the family room and take turns talking to her.  I hope she was with us in spirit.

Tomorrow, we get to spend time with my girlies at Grandma's house...more fun, more eating and more love and warmth.

So far beyond blessed...just so, so blessed.

Merry Christmas. xo Pin It

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


I have finished all shopping and wrapping (other than Santa gifts which I plan to do tomorrow)!

I just need to plan out food and drinks for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and do the shopping.  I am a bit ahead of schedule, so I might do some more baking on Thursday too.

I will admit, I'm feeling a bit better about Christmas than I did on Sunday.  I'm actually starting to get excited too!  It's such a relief to be ready ahead of time!!

Hubster is making great progress with the hardwood floors in the bedrooms and as he is doing the rooms, I am behind him, decluttering.  It's wonderful to have nearly empty closets and clean bedrooms for a change!  Declutering as he goes along will make things much easier when we start preparing to list the house in March and pack for the move in June.

I think that's about it for now.  BRING ON CHRISTMAS! Pin It

Sunday, 18 December 2016

One week from now

It will all be over. And my kids will be disappointed. This year is different. Hubster is out of work, I work for peanuts and we are closing in our new house in June. Christmas, gift-wise, will be a bust. And it sucks.

Christmas has always been a gift fest here. $300 per kid was the norm. This year, $100 is barely doable. And it sucks.

Christmas is not about the gifts...but it is. We celebrate Jesus' birth first. My kids know that this is what Christmas is about. But, due to high paying jobs, my kids have never known not getting what they asked for for Christmas.

But as much as Christmas morning will suck from a material perspective, my kids will have their parents and grandmothers around the tree. They will have a warm house, full bellies, love, all their necessities and stuff they don't need, but want.

We are abundantly blessed. Sure, life sucks at the moment financially, but we have our health, our love, all that we need and more. We just don't have over the top materialism. And I'm ok with that.

I hope my boys won't focus on what they didn't get and instead, focus on their blessings.

I'll keep you posted. Pin It

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

It's beginning to feel a BIT like Christmas

Our tree is up and the inside of the house is decorated.  We aren't decorating outside this year because we are moving in June and TBH, we have too much to do inside to spend time decorating outside.  So there.

I worked for the past week and a half and I'm sick again.  Damned biohazardous school kids.  Today was spent in bed for the most part, which sucks because I wanted to start wrapping and baking.  Tomorrow, I will get the stocking stuffers and a few last minute things and then wrapping will commence.  God, I LOATHE wrapping gifts.  Ugh.

Friday will be baking day.  I have a few different cookies I want to make and I am making a couple of tins for some special teachers at the school.  I'm back in my favourite CASA class on Monday for 8 days and then off on the 22nd until at least after Christmas.

The kids are good...parenting is not for the faint of heart though, that's for sure.  There's always something to keep me on my toes. The older boys are working a lot and we rarely have time as a quintet anymore.  There is almost always an empty seat or two at the kitchen table and as sad as that makes me, I realize that it's part of raising a family.  Sigh.

Hubster is still looking for work.  Lots of phone interviews this week, but nothing is sticking yet.  Fingers crossed that it won't be long until he's back in the saddle again.

Dudley is great.  He's right here at my side, as he always is.  He's the lappiest lapdog that ever lived, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  He kept me warm this morning when I was shivering under the covers.

We had nachos for dinner tonight.  Mother of the year right here.  But the turkey carcass from our roast turkey dinner on Sunday is in the crockpot, making us some nice leftover turkey soup for tomorrow's dinner, so I kind of redeemed myself there.

So, there's my update...quick and easy.

Happy Wednesday! xo Pin It

Friday, 25 November 2016

It's getting real.

I'm typing this post from my new laptop.  A laptop that we can't afford, but a laptop that I will need for school in January.

For the past 13 or so years, I've had a laptop provided by my employer, so a personal laptop wasn't necessary.  I had my Ipad for fun stuff and my laptop for times when I needed to type something and print it.  Now that I'm no longer employed full time and my new job doesn't require me to have a laptop, I needed to buy one for school.

And today is Black Friday.  And Boy Oneder works for Best Buy. So the price was very good.  So, I bought this laptop.  It is my early Christmas present as well, so the guilt of spending money we don't have is a little less intense.  And now, I'm ready for school.

I'm both excited and nervous about it.  Learning today is much different than learning in the early 1990's, the last time I went to school.  Everything is online and, apparently, people don't use highlighters in their textbooks anymore...I learned this as I was highlighting in my first course textbook (I'm a keener and have started reading ahead), when a fellow teaching assistant enlightened me.  LOL!  So, not only do I need to learn the course material, I need to learn how to learn in 2017!

Hubster is still looking for work...not for a lack of trying, that's for sure...but it's tough out there.I'm hoping his dry spell will end soon and that he will be back to work very soon.

We had a couple of fantastic parent/teacher interviews for Middleman and Threepeat.  Both are doing very well and their teachers love them.  I'm so proud of them.  Boy Oneder is doing very well at university too and is working two jobs.  Oh to be 20 again and have the energy to do what he does!

Dudley is great too...he's stretched out on my lap as I type.  Sweet boy.

Off to make chicken parmesan for dinner.  Ciao for now!

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Exhaustedly happy

I've been working full time at the Montessori School for the last week and a half. And I love it.

I am really bonding with the kids in the CASA A class and I really enjoy working with the two teachers. Sadly, I am only covering for the assistant teacher until the end of this week, but this last week and a half has given me the opportunity to connect with the kids one on one...I've learned about their personalities...what makes them tick.

I've had a couple of really rewarding moments...especially with a child who I think is undiagnosed autistic. She trusts me and listens to me. She has proven that I am where I am meant to be. My heart is swollen with love and passion for these kids.

But....holy shit, I am tired. There are a few challenging kids in the class and this week, they have reeeeealllly challenged. Redirect, redirect, redirect. Wipe tears and redirect again. But I'm learning. Every single day.

And I love it.

Every single moment...even the challenging ones. Pin It

Monday, 24 October 2016

Tomorrow will be the best day EVER!

I received a text tonight asking me to work from 11:00 until 2:00, covering lunches in the infant room!!!

The INFANT ROOM!!!!!!!!!

That's babies...ages 12 to 18 months. 

I can't wait!!!!

Babies are my weakness...truly. 
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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Life changes

So, Hubster and I have tightened our belts and are hoping a job is coming for him soon.

In the meantime, I had two choices...go back to the corporate rat race that drove me to the brink of insanity, or find a less stressful job, closer to home. I knew I wasn't ready for full time, but no company is hiring part time managers...except retail...and I didn't want to work evenings and weekends.

I registered on and began my job search, with one eye open, and no solid idea of what I was going to do.

One morning, my saved search (part time, my town) threw me a curve ball.  Out of nowhere, a part time, supply teaching position at a Montessori school popped up.  The school is five minutes from our new house!

As a side story, in 1991, I took six of the eight courses required for first year Early Childhood Education though night school at our local college. I had an average of 94% and will killing the program, while working full time for a lawyer. The time came for me to do my field placement (three weeks full time in a daycare to test my hands on skills with children).  My boss refused to give me the three weeks off, even without pay, to complete the placement. I had car payments and responsibilities and couldn't quit my job, and so, I had no other choice but to drop out of college.  I was devastated. But, I went on to have s very successful career, first in the legal field and then with a payroll service provider, where I worked my way up through the ranks.

Back to the Montessori position...I applied, extremely hopeful, but very doubtful, that I would get the position.  The very next day, I received an email, requesting an interview for the following day. I couldn't believe it!  The interview went very well and I really connected with the principal.

I got word a few days later that I got the position!!  I did my police check and completed my training and I started three weeks ago. I absolutely love it!

I also applied to Algonquin College and was accepted for their full time, online ECE program. I start in January.

My goodness, what a whirlwind of change it has been. I am able to work with children, which was always my passion, and I get a second chance at my degree. Simply amazing. Pin It

Saturday, 22 October 2016 now that I have your attention....

I'm no longer a full time employee.

Since about December, 2014, life had me by the balls. Hubster was working long hours downtown, Boy Oneder was in university, Middleman was in high school, Threepeat was in elementary school, and I was a manager, responsible for 24 people. We only had two cars and Hubster had to take the train downtown every day. Boy Oneder took Hubster's car to school every day after dropping Hubster off at the train station. I couldn't leave for work until Threepeat went to school at 8:15 and I had to leave work in time to pick up Hubster from the train station. We would rush home to Middleman and Threepeat (most days, Boy Oneder had to work evenings) and then, we had to get Middleman and Threepeat to soccer. Every day of the week. We ran like this until May, 2015, when I essentially had a nervous breakdown.

I got to a point where I simply couldn't do it anymore and the only thing I could put on hold was work. I went to see my doctor and he immediately put me in two weeks' leave. I was a mess. two weeks turned into almost a year. With much help and support, I overcame. But, I knew I wasn't ready to return to full time work. The company I worked for had been so supportive while I was off, but, understandably, they couldn't accommodate a part time position, so I made the very difficult decision to leave the company I had called home for twenty years.

As of June 1st, I was unemployed.

And it was a blessing in disguise. While I was terrified about leaving a company that was so good to me for so many years, a company that felt like family, I knew it was for the best.

I can't thank that company enough for the love and support shown to me through the years...they were amazing to me on numerous occasions and I am blessed to have worked there for as long as I did.

Two weeks later, out of nowhere, Hubster was laid off. Holy shit. Both of us out of work with a new house to move into soon...our closing date was in limbo at that point. We were terrified.

We prayed, we cried, we got angry, we prayed some more and we hoped that everything would work out.

To be continued..... Pin It's me...

🎼 I was wonderin' if after all these years you'd like to meet....🎶

OK, thanks Adele.

Hello out there!  It's been quite a while, huh?  I kinda took a break from, well pretty much from LIFE. So much has changed and I hardly know where to begin to update. Maybe some bullet points to start will get the old creative juices flowing again...then I can elaborate a little on some of them.

  • I am no longer a full-time employee
  • I am going back to college in January, full time, online, for ECE
  • I am a supply teacher for a Montessori school
  • I am finally really, truly happy
  • I have two guinea pigs, brothers...Johnny and Patches. They are 6 months old
  • Boy Oneder is 20, Middleman is 17 and Threepeat is 9
  • Hubster turns 50 next week
  • Dudley is 4
  • We are moving to our new house in June
  • I scammed the scammers
  • I went on an 80's cruise and met all kinds of celebrities  
  • I gained all my Wheat Belly weight back
  • I have painted many paint-by-numbers over the last's my relaxation 
I think that's the major life points covered. 

So, now that I have a place to start, I can blog about it all.

More to come... Pin It
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