Friday, 15 May 2015

He's gone...again

My Boy Oneder is in Wasaga Beach with 23 of his friends.  Partying.  Probably drinking and God knows what else.  He will be 19 in June.  But he is still my baby.

I took him and 6 of his closest friends up to the beach this afternoon.  They are so cute.  The girls noticed the DVD screens and so I put on "Alice in Wonderland" for them...they were mesmerized the whole way up (1.5 hours).  Funny how in some ways, they are wonderful, respectful, responsible adults and in other ways, they are still so innocent and sweet.

I am very lucky in that Boy Oneder has chosen amazing friends.  All on honour roll.  All in universities.  All respectful.  All have beautiful souls.


They are at a shithole "resort", with cottages the size of a walk-in closet and with a ton of other kids who I either don't know or who are not the best in character.

So, although this is not my first kick at the can with having my kid away from home, unattended, I still worry.

When he was little, I worried about his health and whether he would scrape his knee at school.  But I had a leash on him.  And, ever so slowly, I let that leash get longer and longer.  Now, there is no more leash.  He is on his own.  And all I can do is pray that the values and morals I have taught him will prevail in a very tempting place.

I trust him.  Implicitly.

But I know the pressures of being 18.

Please God...keep him safe.  Help him to make the right decisions.  Let him have fun, but make it safe fun.

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