Monday, 11 May 2015

Drive By...

  • Threepeat is 8.  His birthday was April 18th.  He had a great party at a lasertag place with 9 of his besties;
  • Threepeat also celebrated his First Communion on May 3rd. It was a beautiful day spent with our closest friends and family;
  • Boy Oneder is a TPT for Chrysler and a lumber associate for Home Depot. He is also finished his first year of university;
  • Middleman is doing amazingly well at school and is now a striker for his soccer team, moving up from defence;
  • Hubster is doing well too, like me, just trucking along :)
  • Rosie is on her last legs.  She is not in good shape.  She turned 14 on April 26th...her birthday gift was the message from the vet that she only has about 6 months left with us.  I don't think it will be that long.  She is nearly blind, nearly deaf, her liver is failing, she pee and poops without even knowing she is doing it.  She has arthritis in her back and cysts all over her body.  She's a mess.  So, we have her on Tylenol twice a day, which seems to have perked her up a little, but I am beginning the mental preparation for the day that we decide to put her to sleep.  It's heartbreaking;
  • And, to end on a happy note, spring has SPRUNG!  The weather has been GORGEOUS this past week!!!
Happy Monday :)
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