Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ramping Up!

  • suit (check)
  • shoes (check)
  • tie (check)
  • shirt (check)
  • First Communion ribbon (check)
  • bombonieries (check)
Threepeat is all ready for his big day on May 3rd!

Now, I have to get myself a nice outfit!

I also have to order the food.

But first, we celebrate his 8th birthday on April 18th!

Busy days ahead!
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Friday, 10 April 2015

National siblings day...

sucks when you don't have a sibling.

Bad enough if you are and always were an only child, but doubly sucks when your only sibling is dead. 

Yes, I said dead.

She's dead. 


And it sucks. 

I miss her. 


So, so much. 

I wonder how things would be today, 9 years later. Would we be close?  Would our kids be close?  Would we laugh like hyenas like we did when she was here?  Would we fight like we did when she was here?  

I will never know. 

And I will continue to long for the day when I see her beautiful face again. 

Until then, I will be jealous of all my friends who have siblings. And I will live vicariously through them.  And I will hurt for my nieces, knowing how hard sibling day is for me, I can't imagine what Mother's Day is like for them. 


It just sucks. 

I love you Joanne. 

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