Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Nearly done!!

I have all my shopping done.

I have half of my wrapping done.

I am way ahead of schedule for once!


My hardest giftee is Boy Oneder.  What on EARTH do you get an 18 year old boy anyway?  When I asked him what I could get him, his response was, "A car!" - Yeah right babe...keep dreaming!  I think he will like what I got him though ;)

I have the rest of the wrapping to do this weekend and then I an DUNZO!

Hubster's work held their kids' Christmas party on Sunday...it was fantastic!  There were tons of mechanical rides and inflatables and Threepeat had a BLAST!  Why didn't they have stuff like this when we were little?!?!

Here he is just before entering the "Forbidden Temple":

He's getting SO big!  

Hubster and I got in on the fun too:

So silly! :)

Tyler has been entertaining Threepeat every day with his hiding spots.  Thank God for older sons....Middleman and Boy Oneder have taken up my slack when I forget to move him!  Check these out:

I am so blessed with these boys, I tell you!

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