Tuesday, 25 November 2014

One month until Christmas!!!!

I can't believe how quickly time is flying by these days!!!  We will be in our new house before we know it!  Time to start dehoarding my cluttered, crazy home!  One room at a time, one room at a time...

Kids are all great, Hubster is fine and so am I.  I am still maintaining my weight and still completely sugar and grain free.  I have a little more carbs now (a potato or a fruit here and there) but am a Wheat Belly Lifer now!

Work is ramping up and will become very busy in a couple of weeks right through the end of February due to year end.

Rosie is getting old.  She's very quiet and pretty much keeps to herself these days.  Dudley is the cutest little guy ever.  A couple of months ago, we decided to let him sleep with Threepeat in an effort to get our boy out of our bed.  And it worked.  Like a charm!  He's been sleeping all night in his bed for the whole time, however still going to bed at our bedtime.  For the first time in 7.5 years, Julian was tucked into his own bed by 9:30 last night!  I actually had an hour and a half of Threepeat-free time!!!  It was amazing!  I could get used to this baby!

Christmas shopping has begun.  I've bought Threepeat's Skylanders Trap Team Starter Kit along with a character.  I got Mom's gift.  Next week, I will really get cracking and hope to have it all done by week's end.  Then the dreaded wrapping begins.

Tyler, our Elf on the Shelf will arrive on Monday, December 1st.  Time to start researching Pinterest for some great antics for him to pull this year!  Threepeat LOVES him!

I got snow tires on my van and feel very confident in bad weather now...what a difference!

I think that's all for now!

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