Wednesday, 9 July 2014

July 9 Update

I am pleased to say that Boy Oneder (and I) survived prom cottage.  He came home completely exhausted, but thankfully, in one piece and healthy!  Phew!  That's one milestone I am glad has been passed!

Report cards came home for the older boys yesterday...I have two geniuses.  So, so proud of them!

Threepeat's report card came home on the last day of school and he is a genius as well!  Great job!

I am now officially down 19.9 lbs.  DAMN I want to get to 20!  I am only 2.6 lbs from 140 and then 7.6 to my final destination of 135!  WOO TO THE HOO!!!  Wheat Belly ROCKS!

Summer, which is supposed to be more restful and less stressful has become a disaster.  Boy Oneder works 3-4 evening shifts a week; Middleman plays soccer 4 times a week; Threepeat goes to summer camp and starts hiphop dance tonight; Hubster works downtown and needs to be dropped off and picked up every day from the train station.  It is mental.  But busy days make the time go by, getting us slowly closer to August 11, 2016 when we move to our new home.  We visit the site every weekend, in the hopes that some significant progress will be made on the subdivision, but alas, at this point, all they are doing is moving dirt around! LOL!  In due time, in due time.

Life is really, really good.  I am so abundantly blessed that my heart is exploding with joy.  Praying we can ride this happy wave for a long, long time!  My secret?  Get healthy, get rid of toxic people, look for the joy in every situation, try not to worry too much.  BE HAPPY! Pin It

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