Tuesday, 22 April 2014


So I haven't given up wine yet.  I've cut down to 1-2 glasses a night from 3-4, but I love it too much to give it up.

I realize now that this is slowing my weight loss, but I will live with that.  I can't give up everything and expect to succeed. :)

Easter Weekend was difficult with all the chocolate around, but I did not falter...not once!  We went to the Marlies game on Saturday and Hubster and Middleman had poutine, Boy Oneder had popcorn and Threepeat had cotton candy.  I had two shotglass size glasses of wine and some peanuts.  I didn't even touch one bite of chocolate all weekend!  I also walked all my steps every day and then some as well as rode my bike.

I am still feeling good and am not hungry most of the time.

I made these two photos to show my progress.  The first one is from March 20th...the day I started the WB Diet and the second one is from April 18th and the third is from this morning, April 22nd.  I'd say I've made progress!  Look at that belly!!

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