Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Not much to report

Life is chugging along at an alarming rate.  It seems that time is flying by so quickly these days.  However, the winter that never ends continues to plague us.  We have enjoyed two GLORIOUS days of warm (up to 9 degrees Celcius) over the past two days, but tomorrow is looking like a January day with a temperature of -15C and up to 15 cms of snow.  Sigh...

Work is great.  I have the greatest colleagues and employees in the world.  They make coming to work a pleasure!

The boys are all home on March Break.  Boy Oneder and Middleman are just hanging around the house all week.  Threepeat is at a trampoline camp for the week.  He is LOVING it so far!!

Hubster is loving his new job.  He has to commute downtown on the train every day, which makes for a confusing schedule with Boy Oneder dropping him off and picking him up most days.  But, we are certainly blessed with this opportunity!

Dudley goes for grooming on March 25th.  He is a little ball of energy and is the most loving, gentle, patient dog in the world.  He takes such "abuse" from Julian (I mean never-ending love, not hurt) and never snaps or bites.  Rosie is going to be 13 next month.  She pretty much just hangs around these days.  She's a bit of a crochety old girl now, so we just let her do her thing and leave her alone unless she comes to us for loving.

I have several books on the go, as well as a paint-by-number and a cross-stitch.  I am hoping to have the time to finish some of them over the next couple of weeks!

I hope all is well in your world.  If you are here, thanks for checking in. :) Pin It

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