Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Nearly done!!

I have all my shopping done.

I have half of my wrapping done.

I am way ahead of schedule for once!


My hardest giftee is Boy Oneder.  What on EARTH do you get an 18 year old boy anyway?  When I asked him what I could get him, his response was, "A car!" - Yeah right babe...keep dreaming!  I think he will like what I got him though ;)

I have the rest of the wrapping to do this weekend and then I an DUNZO!

Hubster's work held their kids' Christmas party on Sunday...it was fantastic!  There were tons of mechanical rides and inflatables and Threepeat had a BLAST!  Why didn't they have stuff like this when we were little?!?!

Here he is just before entering the "Forbidden Temple":

He's getting SO big!  

Hubster and I got in on the fun too:

So silly! :)

Tyler has been entertaining Threepeat every day with his hiding spots.  Thank God for older sons....Middleman and Boy Oneder have taken up my slack when I forget to move him!  Check these out:

I am so blessed with these boys, I tell you!

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014




I was driving to the train station to pick up Hubster last night, stopped at a red light, waiting to turn left and WHAMMO!  A woman hit me from behind.  It was snowing and she clearly didn't leave herself enough time to stop.  Instantly, my neck felt tingly and really hurt.  I got out of my car...she sat there in hers.  She finally gets out, doesn't say sorry, doesn't ask if I'm ok.  Just stands there.  I was really angry and in a bit of shock and disbelief.

"You realize it's snowing, right?"

"Yes, but I couldn't brake."

I got my phone and texted Hubster, my hands shaking.  He tells me to get her info.  She's sitting back in her car.  She finally opens the door and I tell her to give me her information.  Meanwhile, I take a picture of her license plate.  There was minimal damage to my back bumper.

She says, "I have to wait for my husband to arrive."

"WHAT?  Don't you have your insurance information in the car?"

"Yes, but he told me to wait here for him."

"I am NOT standing here, in live traffic and leaving my husband to freeze at the train station while you wait for your husband.  Give me your information now or I will call the police."

She reluctantly holds her insurance information out while I type it into my phone.  Her hand was perfectly steady and I was barely able to hold my phone.  I couldn't believe how calm she was.  She took my information and says, "My husband is almost here...we must wait."

"You go ahead and wait.  I'm not waiting...this was YOUR fault, not mine!"

I drove to the station to get Hubster.

My neck and shoulders hurt pretty badly today.  I took the car to the Collision Reporting Centre this morning to make sure the accident was documented.  Then, I went to an autobody shop to get an estimate for repairs....$750 plus HST plus 3 days' car rental.  I have an appointment for a massage today at 4:00.

Poor Hubster has to call this woman's husband tonight to tell him the cost and ask if he wants to pay us cash or go through insurance.  That should be a fun discussion.  I'll update on that afterwards.

Why don't people just SLOW DOWN IN WINTER??!!!!  It is the most frustrating thing in the world to have to run around and take care of all this BS!!!  GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

One month until Christmas!!!!

I can't believe how quickly time is flying by these days!!!  We will be in our new house before we know it!  Time to start dehoarding my cluttered, crazy home!  One room at a time, one room at a time...

Kids are all great, Hubster is fine and so am I.  I am still maintaining my weight and still completely sugar and grain free.  I have a little more carbs now (a potato or a fruit here and there) but am a Wheat Belly Lifer now!

Work is ramping up and will become very busy in a couple of weeks right through the end of February due to year end.

Rosie is getting old.  She's very quiet and pretty much keeps to herself these days.  Dudley is the cutest little guy ever.  A couple of months ago, we decided to let him sleep with Threepeat in an effort to get our boy out of our bed.  And it worked.  Like a charm!  He's been sleeping all night in his bed for the whole time, however still going to bed at our bedtime.  For the first time in 7.5 years, Julian was tucked into his own bed by 9:30 last night!  I actually had an hour and a half of Threepeat-free time!!!  It was amazing!  I could get used to this baby!

Christmas shopping has begun.  I've bought Threepeat's Skylanders Trap Team Starter Kit along with a character.  I got Mom's gift.  Next week, I will really get cracking and hope to have it all done by week's end.  Then the dreaded wrapping begins.

Tyler, our Elf on the Shelf will arrive on Monday, December 1st.  Time to start researching Pinterest for some great antics for him to pull this year!  Threepeat LOVES him!

I got snow tires on my van and feel very confident in bad weather now...what a difference!

I think that's all for now!

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

First cold of the season...

  • sore throat - check
  • stuffy nose - check
  • headache - check
  • sinus pain - check
  • fatigue - check
  • nausea - check
  • chills - check
  • dry lips - check
Yep.  I've got a cold.  :(  I just hope I keep it to myself and don't share my cooties with the rest of the family.
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Friday, 7 November 2014

Rat Race

When my (older) kids were little, I thought we were crazy busy.  Now that the older two are 18 and 15 and Threepeat is 7, I find us busier now than ever!  It's ridiculous!  And the kicker is that the only one who does an extracurricular activity is Middleman with his soccer.

Perhaps the biggest reason we are busier is that we have, for all intents and purposes, become a single car family.  Boy Oneder uses the Jeep to get to and from University every day.  He drops Hubster off at the train station and then drives to school.  It's pretty much his.  Even on weekends, he is out and about with friends or at work, so the Jeep is rarely in the driveway.  That leaves me in the van, driving people here and there and making sure I am home (or have someone available) to get Threepeat from school when Middleman has school soccer.

Thankfully, school soccer ended yesterday.  This means that Middleman will be around after school every day to pick up Threepeat and take care of him until I get home.  That will be a load off for sure!

I am using my last week of vacation from November 24th to 28th.  A time to chill out and start some packing for our move.  Yes, the move is still 21 months away, but that time will fly and, well, I am a borderline hoarder.  So, suffice it to say, there is A LOT of work to be done around here.  I can at least clean up some of the junk in the basement!

Winter tires are being installed on my van as I type and she is having an oil change and new front brakes.  Bring on winter!  This is the first time I have ever had snow tires, so I am hoping I will be as pleased with them as everyone says I will!  Last winter was a DISASTER...how I made it through without an accident is a miracle!  Snow is forecasted for next week, so, considering that it's only November 7th, I think I may just get my money's worth on these babies!!

As busy as life is, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Being busy means that I have people who love and rely on me.  Being busy means we have places to go and people to see!  Being busy means that we are alive!

I hope you're busy too!
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Monday, 3 November 2014

Wow, time flies

I am such a bad blogger.  Does anyone actually blog anymore anyway?

Still down 25 lbs since July and maintaining nicely.

Boys are all thriving at school.

Work is great.

Hubster is great.

Home renovations are in full swing (and it's very, very stressful).

Our new home is going to be beautiful.

Rosie and Dudley are wonderful.

Days are shorter and colder.  I hate that.

Halloween was a great success, although it was cold and rainy.

Here's photo of my Threepeat:

Winter is on its way.

Tyler, our Elf on the Shelf, will arrive on December 1st.  I can't wait.

I'm having snow tires installed on the van on Friday.  They will be my first ever winter tires.  I'm a little excited about not having to skate my way through the streets all winter.

I am on vacation for the last week of November.  I plan on doing ALL of my Christmas shopping.

I have a headache right now.

I'm not sure what I am making for dinner.

That's a wrap. Pin It

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Busy days

I'm not gonna lie....I have to admit that I am looking forward to next week, when the kids go back to school!

This summer has been a whirlwind and has flown by!  With Hubster working downtown and Boy Oneder working many evenings, I have been a part time chauffeur on top of my full-time job.  It's been very trying, to say the least.

My average week has looked like this:

Monday: Drop Hubster off at the train station for 8:00 and drive to work.  Boy Oneder drives Threepeat to camp. 4:15, leave my office and pick up Threepeat from camp for 5:00.  Drop off Threepeat at home with Middleman.  Boy Oneder leaves for his job at 4:45.  Back track to the train station to pick up Hubster at 6:30.  Head home and make dinner.  Off to Middleman's soccer game for 8:00.

Tuesday: Same as above, but no soccer today.

Wednesday: Repeat, except, in addition to soccer, Threepeat has dance lessons at 6:15, so I drop him off, pick up Hubster and go back to get Threepeat...we eat at 8:00 on Wednesdays.  :(

Thursday:  Repeat of Tuesday.

Friday:  Repeat of Wednesday.


I'm wiped out just typing that!

Next week, the routine will be:  Boy Oneder drops Hubster at the train station and then heads down to University (haven't figured out how that will pan out yet as the cost of parking is ridiculous, but the train station is too far from the campus for him to walk).  Middleman will get on the school bus at 7:35.  I will drop Threepeat off at school at 8:15 and head to work.  Middleman's school bus will drop him off at 2:45 and then he will pick up Threepeat at 3:00.

Sigh....crazy days.

On another note, I have maintained my weight for over a month now...I go up and down a pound or two each week, but I am maintaining!  Wheat Belly is AWESOME!

I hope you had a less crazy summer than I did!  GAH! Pin It

Friday, 1 August 2014

Still losing!

22.8 lbs so far and less than 5 lbs to go!


I simply cannot believe how successful I have been with Wheat Belly!

Yesterday, I had Swiss Chalet for lunch (quarter chicken, white meat with a side salad) and for dinner, I had a bunless burger at Five Guys!  I mean seriously, I can eat like this and still lose weight and feel FANTASTIC?

Again I say, AMAZING!

You seriously need to try this way of eating! Pin It

Friday, 11 July 2014

Officially down 20 lbs!


Just look at that baby!

I hit the 20 lbs mark and couldn't be more proud of myself!


I can't say enough about this way of eating.  It is NOT a diet.  It is a lifestyle that is maintainable forever!

I have 7.1 lbs to go to 135, but my next big milestone is to break 140!

I will get there soon!

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

July 9 Update

I am pleased to say that Boy Oneder (and I) survived prom cottage.  He came home completely exhausted, but thankfully, in one piece and healthy!  Phew!  That's one milestone I am glad has been passed!

Report cards came home for the older boys yesterday...I have two geniuses.  So, so proud of them!

Threepeat's report card came home on the last day of school and he is a genius as well!  Great job!

I am now officially down 19.9 lbs.  DAMN I want to get to 20!  I am only 2.6 lbs from 140 and then 7.6 to my final destination of 135!  WOO TO THE HOO!!!  Wheat Belly ROCKS!

Summer, which is supposed to be more restful and less stressful has become a disaster.  Boy Oneder works 3-4 evening shifts a week; Middleman plays soccer 4 times a week; Threepeat goes to summer camp and starts hiphop dance tonight; Hubster works downtown and needs to be dropped off and picked up every day from the train station.  It is mental.  But busy days make the time go by, getting us slowly closer to August 11, 2016 when we move to our new home.  We visit the site every weekend, in the hopes that some significant progress will be made on the subdivision, but alas, at this point, all they are doing is moving dirt around! LOL!  In due time, in due time.

Life is really, really good.  I am so abundantly blessed that my heart is exploding with joy.  Praying we can ride this happy wave for a long, long time!  My secret?  Get healthy, get rid of toxic people, look for the joy in every situation, try not to worry too much.  BE HAPPY! Pin It

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Such a busy weekend!

My Boy Oneder is officially a high school graduate.  He is also an official adult.  His graduation ceremony was wonderful...emotional and long.  We found out when we read the program that he graduated an Ontario Scholar, which means that he obtained at least 80% in 6 of his 8 grade 12 subjects.  We couldn't be prouder of him.  The Valedictorian called him and his girlfriend out by name saying, "We all expect an invitation to your wedding!"  Love it.

He had a great time at his prom on Thursday.  He and his girlfriend looked like a celebrity couple.  They were absolutely gorgeous!

We threw him a great party on Sunday.  Of course it was disgustingly hot and it poured, so the outdoor party ended up indoors, but we had a great time anyway. :)

Middleman turned 15 on Saturday.  He is such a great kid...so independent and smart.  So proud of him.

We spent a lot of time in our neighbours' pool over the weekend.  The weather has been so hot, so a pool was just the thing!

Friday, Boy Oneder leaves for "prom cottage".  About 60 kids have rented cottages at a "resort" in Wasaga Beach.  They will be gone from July 4th to 7th.  He is such a great, responsible, mature kid, but I am not going to lie...I am TERRIFIED.  I doubt I will sleep much this weekend. :(

Threepeat is a little gem.  He loved spending time with his brothers from another mother, the twins, this weekend.  They are so cute together.

Wheat Belly is still going well.  I am still up and down the same couple of pounds, but I am not cheating at all and I am OK with losing the final few pounds when my body is ready.  I fit into medium sized clothes and I feel so much better about myself.  It's awesome!

Hubster is loving his job and we are all in a good groove with drop off and pick ups from the train station. :)

Rosie and Dudley are both doing well.

Life is good.  Really, really good.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Oh what a difference two months makes!

Oh my gosh, it's been two months since my last post!!!  What a neglectful girl I have been! :(

But, I have TONS to share, so here we go:

  • I am down 18.8 lbs with about 8 lbs to go to my final destination
  • Wheat Belly is THE BOMB!!!!
  • We bought a new house!!!  I will share pictures of the floor plan later...we bought from a builder and the closing date is August 11, 2016
  • Boy Oneder graduates from high school on Wednesday.  He also turns 18 on Saturday!
  • Middleman turns 15 on Sunday
  • We are having a party in our backyard on Sunday to celebrate Boy Oneder's accomplishments
  • Threepeat is finished with grade one as of Thursday
  • Boy Oneder is going to York University in September!!
  • Rosie and Dudley are amazing
  • Work is great
  • Hubster loves his new(ish) job
See?  Lots has been happening around here!  That's my excuse for not being a good blogger.  If you are still around, I am so glad you are here!
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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


So I haven't given up wine yet.  I've cut down to 1-2 glasses a night from 3-4, but I love it too much to give it up.

I realize now that this is slowing my weight loss, but I will live with that.  I can't give up everything and expect to succeed. :)

Easter Weekend was difficult with all the chocolate around, but I did not falter...not once!  We went to the Marlies game on Saturday and Hubster and Middleman had poutine, Boy Oneder had popcorn and Threepeat had cotton candy.  I had two shotglass size glasses of wine and some peanuts.  I didn't even touch one bite of chocolate all weekend!  I also walked all my steps every day and then some as well as rode my bike.

I am still feeling good and am not hungry most of the time.

I made these two photos to show my progress.  The first one is from March 20th...the day I started the WB Diet and the second one is from April 18th and the third is from this morning, April 22nd.  I'd say I've made progress!  Look at that belly!!

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Friday, 11 April 2014

What a change!

I have had a real life changing three weeks (and one day).

I have had some really deep thoughts about the changes I am seeing in myself as well.

All my life, I have searched for happiness.  I have had moments of happiness that are quickly replaced with depression...sometimes DEEP depression.  But my underlying feeling has always been sadness.  That deep, long-standing sadness made me a very difficult person to be around most of the time.  I snapped at Hubster and the kids, I avoided friends because I (1) couldn't be bothered to be with them; and (2) I was afraid I would lose them.  I mean, who wants to be around a miserable, negative person?

I read books and listened to pod-casts about positive thinking.  I saw a therapist or two.  I would have a short period of, not usually happiness, but just non-sadness.

When I started the Wheat Belly Diet, it was to lose the 8 month pregnant belly I was carrying around.  I had that "OMG!" moment and realized how disgusted I was with myself.  In the three weeks I have followed my new lifestyle, I have lost 9 lbs and my belly is much less swollen.  But...the biggest change I have seen in myself is that I am HAPPY!  For the first time ever, I am truly happy.  I look forward to each day instead of dreading it.  I WANT to be with people.  I smile lots. I am truly, truly happy.

I have lost some weight before, but never felt happy.  I 100% believe that wheat made me depressed.  Sounds nutty, I know.  But I think it affected my brain somehow.  Now that I am wheat-free, I don't snap anymore.  I hug my family more.  I actually kinda want to be around them!

I cannot say enough about this lifestyle.  I am a changed woman.  I want to sing it from the rooftops!!  I want EVERYONE to feel the way I feel!!  And the added bonus is that I am losing weight and not missing out on ANYTHING!

My goodness....I am simply amazed! Pin It

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Kinda sad

Well, it would appear as though my beloved wine drinking will have to come to an end.  The progress I have been making with Wheat Belly seems to have slowed down significantly and after a couple of (large) glasses of wine last night, I woke up with a bloated belly this morning. :(

I love my wine...but if I am going to make this happen, I need to cut down...a lot.

So, one (small) glass of wine for me for the next week will let me know if the wine is slowing me down.

I hope this gets me losing weight again at a good pace. :) Pin It

Monday, 31 March 2014

Wheat Belly - Day 11

Still going strong!

Down to 156 lbs from 162.5.

Feeling GREAT!

Not missing wheat, gluten or carbs at all.

Walking lots...I did over 10,000 yesterday.

So proud of myself.


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Friday, 28 March 2014

Fantastic Friday!

Down another 1.5 lbs today!  GO ME!!!

I also walked 6,469 steps yesterday!  Going for 10,000 today.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wheat Belly

These photos were taken on March 20th:

I am not pregnant.

But I look it.

And I feel absolutely sick about it.

I weighed 162.5 lbs.  I am 5' 4" tall. My measurements that day were:

Neck: 15 inches
Waist: 43 inches
Hips: 43 inches

How disgusting that my hips and waist are the same measurement?  I am absolutely mortified.

But the day after I took those photos, I started the Wheat Belly Diet.  I decided that I no longer wanted to look pregnant.  I decided that March 21st would be the day that everything would change.  I would lose my disgusting belly and get healthy.

It has been a week.  I feel fantastic!  Of course, a week is nowhere near enough to lose the huge gut I have, but I can tell you several things:

1.  My belly is nowhere near as bloated and hard as it was one week ago;
2.  I have suffered from IBS for as long as I can remember, sometimes having up to 10 bowel movements, mostly diarreah, in one day.  I have not had diarreah in 3 days;
3.  I have lost 5 lbs
4.  I do not feel hungry...AT ALL;
5.  I can still eat all the meat and cheese that I want and I can still have my beloved wine;
6. I feel HUMAN again.  No more brain fog, no more exhaustion in the afternoons.

I am amazed.

I bought a FitBit, which arrived yesterday.  So far today, I have walked over 4,000 steps!  I spent 15 minutes of my lunch walking around the lobby.  I loved it.

I will take some more photos tonight when I get home and I will take some measurements to compare to the horrendous ones I started with last week.

I won't be sharing my blog publicly until I am done.  My goal is to get down to 145 lbs.  Once I am there, I will go for more.  I think my ultimate goal is about 135.  We'll see.  But I will tell you, I am done with wheat, gluten and sugar.  I've never felt better in my life and it's only been a week!

Imagine how I will feel in a MONTH! Pin It

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Not much to report

Life is chugging along at an alarming rate.  It seems that time is flying by so quickly these days.  However, the winter that never ends continues to plague us.  We have enjoyed two GLORIOUS days of warm (up to 9 degrees Celcius) over the past two days, but tomorrow is looking like a January day with a temperature of -15C and up to 15 cms of snow.  Sigh...

Work is great.  I have the greatest colleagues and employees in the world.  They make coming to work a pleasure!

The boys are all home on March Break.  Boy Oneder and Middleman are just hanging around the house all week.  Threepeat is at a trampoline camp for the week.  He is LOVING it so far!!

Hubster is loving his new job.  He has to commute downtown on the train every day, which makes for a confusing schedule with Boy Oneder dropping him off and picking him up most days.  But, we are certainly blessed with this opportunity!

Dudley goes for grooming on March 25th.  He is a little ball of energy and is the most loving, gentle, patient dog in the world.  He takes such "abuse" from Julian (I mean never-ending love, not hurt) and never snaps or bites.  Rosie is going to be 13 next month.  She pretty much just hangs around these days.  She's a bit of a crochety old girl now, so we just let her do her thing and leave her alone unless she comes to us for loving.

I have several books on the go, as well as a paint-by-number and a cross-stitch.  I am hoping to have the time to finish some of them over the next couple of weeks!

I hope all is well in your world.  If you are here, thanks for checking in. :) Pin It

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wordless Wednesday

My beautiful Threepeat Pin It

Monday, 24 February 2014

Where DOES the time go?

My goodness...nearly two weeks since my last update.  Time is just flying by...just wish winter would fly just as quickly!

The boy who shall not be mentioned was accepted into York University with a scholarship for his marks!  If his marks remain high for the current semester, he will get a high scholarship!  I cannot tell you how proud I am of this boy.  He is everything I ever wished for in a son and I am so abundantly blessed to be his Mom.  He has also applied to University of Toronto and Ryerson, so we are waiting to hear back from them too!

Midldeman is doing amazingly in grade nine.  His first semester was finished with honours.  I have no doubt that the second semester will be the same!

Threepeat is awesome.  He is getting so smart and say things that just floor us.  He has a great sense of humour and not a day goes by that he doesn't make us smile.  His first hockey season is winding down and the team is in first place in the playoffs with NO LOSSES!!!

I had my girlies overnight on Saturday.  They are turning into such beautiful, intelligent young women.  Joanne would be so very proud of them!  We had fun watching "Despicable Me 2" before we all gave up and went to bed at 11:00.  Sunday was spent hanging around and then we had a nice roast dinner and birthday cake for Rebekah before Grandma drove them home.

We had a super weekend!

Oh and Hubster starts a new job one week from today!!!  It is his dream job and I couldn't be happier for him!  He will have to travel downtown every day, but other than that, it is an excellent opportunity for him!  Good things come to those who wait!

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wordless Wednesday

My sweet Threepeat a couple of years ago....

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Fantastic Friday

It has been a looong, but short week!

I spent the week hunkered down with my colleagues from across the country in management meetings.  What a great week it was!  It got so much accomplished, not the least of which, was bonding.  I honestly have the best team of colleagues in the world!  We feel like family, not co-workers!

Our days were filled with planning and our evenings were filled with fun, food and drinks!

I am exhausted.  But full and content.

Middleman just texted me to say he got straight A's on his report card!!!

Tonight, Hubster and I are heading up to Casinorama to see Air Supply with our dear friends, Kath and Bru.

Have a wonderful weekend! Pin It

Monday, 27 January 2014

My poor, neglected blog

I have had no energy nor gumption to blog lately.

The winter that never ends is really getting me down and I am truly trying to live more happily, so coming here and being a Debbie Downer would be hypocritical, so today, I will just let you know that we are all alive and kicking.

  • The older boys are in the midst of exams.  They are pretty stressed out about it, but I am confident they will do well...they have been very well-prepared this year, studying without even being asked to.
  • Mom Strike 2014 was a glowing success.  Everyone is much more helpful and aware of their own messes...only a few slip-ups lately.
  • Today marks my 17 year anniversary at work.  I have never been happier and this company continues to be the best company in the world to work for.
  • I am hosting an 80's Murder Mystery party this Friday night.  Everyone is getting into their characters and I simply can't wait to see what's in store!
  • Rosie is being groomed tomorrow.  She looks like a stray right now...poor girl.
  • Dudley is the best.dog.ever.  He is so loving, so cute and oh so smart!
  • My van is making weird noises.  I have an appointment with the mechanic on Friday morning.  Here's hoping it won't cost me an arm and a leg to fix.
  • Only 52 days until spring!!!
And, that's a wrap!
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Friday, 10 January 2014

Happy "Would Be" 42nd birthday

Joanne would have been 42 today, had she not been taken from us 8 years ago.

This year has been particularly hard.  I'm not sure why, but Joanne has been on my mind and heart for a couple of months...daily.  I feel so sad, so lost without her.  This year, more than any other so far.

I pray that she is enjoying her time in Heaven, while she waits for the rest of us to join her.  I pray that she can see us, feel our love, hear our prayers.  I pray that we will meet again one day.

RIP sweet baby sister.  I love you always and forever Babe. XO Pin It

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wordless Wednesday

An upside down minion...just because.

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Thursday, 2 January 2014


According to Dictionary.com:


  [hap-ee-nis]  Show IPA
the quality or state of being happy.
good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.
1520–30; happy + -ness

o·ver·hap·pi·ness, noun

1, 2. pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentedness, delight, enjoyment, satisfaction. Happiness, bliss,contentment, felicity imply an active or passive state of pleasure or pleasurable satisfaction. Happiness results from the possession or attainment of what one considers good: the happiness of visiting one's family.Bliss is unalloyed happiness or supreme delight: the bliss of perfect companionship. Contentment is peaceful kind of happiness in which one rests without desires, even though every wish may not have been gratified: contentment in one's surroundings. Felicity is a formal word for happiness of an especially fortunate or intense kind: to wish a young couple felicity in life.

1. misery.

"Happiness" is my word for 2014.  My dear friend, Kate, chose "joy" as her word last year and this year, she chose "hope".  I really like the idea of choosing a word to work towards and live by for a year and so I chose "happiness".

Happiness is something that has so far, in my 44 years of life, eluded me.  I mean, I have many MOMENTS of happiness, but I have, so far, not been able to find happiness as a whole.  I don't want to live in a state of euphoria all the time, but I want to wake up each day not feeling a cloud of sadness.  I want to look forward to things...to get excited about things that should excite me.

And so, I am on a quest to find happiness.  MY happiness.

2014...may you be the year that I find that elusive feeling of pure happiness. Pin It
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