Friday, 13 December 2013


We had a little scare this week.

Middleman has been on and off sick since the beginning of November.  It started with a cold, but turned into what the doctor said may be pneumonia, so we started antibiotics.  They called two days later to say it wasn't pneumonia, so we stopped the meds.  Then he spiked a fever two days later, so back to the doctor and back on antibiotics.  He took the meds for ten days and was better, but still pretty tired and weak.

Fast forward to early this week.  He has been lethargic, weak, tired, feeling nauseous, suffering from headaches daily.  He did a fitness test at school on Tuesday and had to have his teacher sit with him for an hour afterwards because he was so weak.  Then he got a headache.  He came home from school and slept until dinner time.  On Wednesday, he went to school, but called me at 10:30 to say he had a headache.  Luckily, I was working from home, so I drove to the school and gave him Advil.  I told him if it wasn't better in an hour, to call me.  An hour later, he called.  I picked him up and he slept for three hours.  Hubster took him to the doctor on Wednesday night and a blood test was ordered.  On Thursday morning, my Mom drove over to take him to the lab for the test and then dropped him off at school.  He had a slight headache on Thursday.  When he got home from school, he slept for two hours.

This morning, Hubster took him to the doctor for the results.  His bloodwork was all normal and his blood pressure good.  The doctor believes it is a virus.  If he still feels this way in a week, he is to go back.

I can't tell you how freaked out I get when my kids are ill.  I simply can't imagine ever having to deal with something major.  My heart goes out to parents who have, who do and who will.  :(

For now, I will be grateful to all of my friends who prayed for Middleman today.  God heard them and I am so, so thankful for my boy's health. Pin It

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