Monday, 11 November 2013


I'm not sure why it affects me so much because I don't know anyone personally who died at war.  I have great uncles and grandparents who fought in the war, but none of them really wanted to talk about it.  But Remembrance Day is always such an emotional day for me.  I always observe a moment of silence at 11:00, but that silence is usually broken by my quiet sniffles.  The bagpipes get me every time.

I think not only of those who suffered so much, those who ultimately gave their lives, the mothers and fathers of the dead, the children of the dead, the brothers and sisters and husbands and wives of the dead.  And my heart breaks.  I can't imagine the fear that all of them felt...not knowing whether their loved one was alive, suffering, dead...there were no cellphones then to just call and check in.  Some mothers went to their graves not knowing whether their child was alive or dead...just knowing they were MIA.  Horrifying.

So today, I will close my office door at 11:00 and I will watch a Remembrance Day service streamed over my computer.  And I will cry.  And I will pray.  And I will remember...all those I never knew, but owe my freedom to.

Thank you veterans.  Thank you unknown soldiers.  Thank you mothers and fathers, whose children gave their lives for us...for ME.  

I will never, ever forget.

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