Thursday, 28 November 2013

Night Terrors

Threepeat has had two night terrors in the past week.

He had one quite some time ago, but it wasn't as long and scary as the ones this week.

He "wakes" from a sound sleep, in a complete panic.  He is crying, shaking, sweating and looks WIDE awake.  He hyperventilates and absolutely freaks out, in sheer terror.  And he won't let Hubster and I console him.  If we hug him, he pushes us away and runs around the room, shrieking.

After the first one on Tuesday night, he wouldn't go back to sleep.  Each time he tried, he would wake up with a start, shaking and inconsolably crying and screaming.  We ended up reading him a book, giving him some water and eventually, he went back to sleep, but the sleep for the rest of the night was fitful.  He whimpered and jumped in his sleep all night.  In the morning, we talked about it and he remembered it all, even recounting his horrible dream about swords in his neck.

Last night, he had a shorter one, but just as dramatic.  Shaking, sweating, was just awful.  I ended up turning on Treehouse TV and he fell back to sleep after watching "Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs" for about five minutes.  The rest of the night was uneventful.  This morning, Middleman asked me what was wrong with Threepeat last night.  I said, "He had a bad dream" and Threepeat said, "No!  That wasn't last night, it was the night before!"  So clearly, he doesn't remember last night's episode.

Night terrors are awful!  It's so weird and scary that his eyes are wide open and he speaks to us, albeit in a bit of a half-asleep manner, but yet he doesn't seem to recognize us.  And the fact that he can be so coherent and yet not remember it in the morning is so eerie.

I hope that with the measures we are putting into place: earlier bedtime, nice quiet book before bed, no sugar after supper, small snack before bed will ensure that we don't have many more of these horrible nights to deal with.

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