Tuesday, 22 October 2013

O to the M to the Geeeeeee!

Good grief, I am TIRED.

I am slowly getting over what I self-diagnosed as bronchitis.  Well, originally, I said my final farewells to my dear friend Kate as I was convinced I was dying of lung and stomach cancer.  Kate knows me well, bless her heart.  She knows, that in my mind, I have survived every ailment known to man.  She also knows to just go with it and play along with my nonsense.  I love that about her.  I will be making an appointment for my flu shot very soon because there is NO WAY I want to relive what I have suffered through with the flu over the last two years.

But I am tired.  And I am yuckily overweight.  I looked in the mirror last week and saw a 9-month pregnant woman staring back at me.  It scared me, quite frankly.  My belly should not be so distended.  So I have been watching my calories and drinking lots of water and have cut down drastically on my wine intake.  Hubster and I have been walking about 4 kilometers a day for the past three days.  I am down 3 lbs already.  I hope I can continue on the path to health this time, as the path almost always comes to a dead end.

The boys are all well, enjoying school and all that jazz.

And HUBSTER IS EMPLOYED AGAIN!  YIPPEE!!!!  He started his new job yesterday and the house is a much happier place to be!  I am thrilled for him and hope that he is able to move through the ranks at this fantastic company for years to come!

God has blessed us abundantly and I had no doubt that He would make sure everything was OK.

One last thing...my work phone has been changed from a Blackberry to an Iphone...I still kinda hate it, but I downloaded the BBM App yesterday and all is well in my technological world again. :) Pin It

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