Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Another milestone

Today, my Boy Oneder, the one that was a baby in my arms just yesterday, will take his Dad's Jeep and drive himself to work.  It will be the first time he drives alone.  His shift isn't over until at least 11:30, so that means he will be driving home, alone, in the dark, at midnight.

To say I am sick with worry about it is an understatement.

He is the most responsible kid in the world and he is an excellent driver, but something about him sitting at the helm of a one ton metal automobile scares the crap out of me.

I remember losing sleep over the littlest illnesses when he was a baby.  I remember freaking out about his first day at school, his first time out with friends alone, his first day of high school, the first time he drove our cars with us in the passenger seat.  But this...this takes the cake of worry.  I trust him 100%, but I worry for his safety.

Man, this mother thing is rough sometimes. Pin It

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