Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday again! YIPPEE!!

What a week we have had!

Monday was surprisingly uneventful.  Hubster and I started our new lifestyle, using the GI Diet as a means to not only lose weight, but to eat healthily.  I actually LOVE this plan.  I don't have to count calories or look at fat content...I simply eat foods that are on the green list and avoid foods on the yellow and red lists.  Simple.  And the green list is not all bird and rabbit food either!  We've had lasagne, salmon, chicken, lots of veggies and Hubster can even have brown rice!  I highly recommend this plan.  I've already lost 3.5 lbs!  WOO HOO!

Tuesday evening my dear friend, Chantelle, came over for dinner and a nice catch up chat.  I love that girl like a sister.  We had a few laughs and caught up on almost a year's worth of chat!

Wednesday morning at 11:17, I received a call from Threepeat's school...he's sick with a tummy ache.  I head home to pick him up and work from home.  He had some chicken soup and declared, "Mom!  Your chicken soup cured me!  I feel great!"  Sigh.  I contemplated taking him back to school, but he swore he's be quiet and watch TV while I worked.  He really was a good boy, so I gave him a hooky pass...just this once...with a warning that it's bad to fake sick.  He swears he wasn't faking.  LOL

Wednesday night, Middleman was injured at his soccer game...ten minutes into the second half, he went to kick the ball and went down like a tons of bricks.  No idea why, but we now know that his calf muscle seized and cramped into a ball.  He was rolling around in excriutiating pain, while I stood, helpless, on the sidelines.  We all thought he had broken his leg.  After what seemed like an eternity, his coaches carried him off to the sidelines, where he remained, lying down, for the rest of the game.  Thank God for great coaches...he called out to Hubster and gave a thumbs up sign so that we wold at least breathe a little easier.

At the end of the game, Middleman was still unable to stand, let alone walk, so a couple of the fathers carried him to the car.  When we got home, his muscle was still as hard as a rock, in a full spasm!  He was in alot of pain!  I gave him Advil and a hot water bottle and put him to bed.  Hubster took him to the walk-in clinic Thursday morning and they said it might be torn and is definitely strained.  He was told to walk with crutches and not play soccer for at least a week. 

Middleman stayed home for the day and I made an appointment with his physiotherapist to have him assessed.  When I got home from work, Middleman was actually walking!  I was so surprised that it had gotten better so quickly!  The physiotherapist did some ultrasound therapy and massage and then taped him up.  We are to go back on Saturday for more treatment and assessment.  She doesn't believe the muscle is torn, which is such a blessing!  Middleman was DEVASTATED to miss the school tryouts for the soccer team and was so scared to be out of soccer altogether for ANY length of time.  It's looking like if all goes well, he will be back on the field on Monday!  (fingers crossed)

This weekend will be a slow and easy one.  Hoping to get some sunshine on my maggot white body too! Pin It

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