Friday, 14 June 2013

Five Question Friday

It's been a busy week!  Two soccer games for Middleman...both big wins; great things happening at work and we are gearing up for a bouncing summer!

I don't have a lot of time today, so let's get going with Five Question Friday!

1. What do you appreciate most about your children's Dad?

His patience.  It takes A LOT to get him riled.  He is the complete opposite of me...I fly off the handle very quickly.  I am grateful that he can deal with issues in a calm, subdued manner.

2. Do you always wear your seat belt?

Always.  It's the law here and I feel weird if I don't have it on.

3. Do you dream and do you remember them?

I rarely dream and if I do, I will usually only remember it for a short time.  The one recurring dream I have is being in or watching a plane crash.  I hate that dream because I wake up in a panic every time. :(

4. What is one thing you swore you'd never let your kids do before having them, that you have now changed your ways about?

One thing?  Pffft.  There are MANY.  Staying up late; eating in the family room; eating junk food; watching movies that are not really appropriate for their age; sleep in our bed...I could go on, but I won't.  Suffice it to say that I was full of knowledge before I had kids...then I had kids and realized that it's harder than I thought.  I have genuinely good kids, so even though I let them do things I swore I wouldn't, I'm obviously doing SOMETHING right.  ;)

5. If you could be granted one wish, what would it be?

Health and love for my family always.   Have a fantastic weekend! Pin It

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