Friday, 10 May 2013


What a freaking week!

Sunday: Van stalls while I am driving along the road.  Hubster drives it to the dealership while I follow in the Jeep.  We drop the keys in the night box and leave the van overnight.

Monday: I have to work from home as van needs to be fixed.  Late in the day, dealership confirms that van needs new battery.  $286.00.  Part has to be ordered.  Van will be ready tomorrow.

Tuesday: I have to work from home because van won't be ready until 10:00.  11:30, the dealership shuttle picks me up.  Pick up van, head home to work.  4:30, drive dogs to vet for heartworm tests.  Blood tests, meds and a 3 month supply of Rosie's food = $483.00.  Hubster has no idea yet.  He's going to kill me.

Wednesday:  Out of the house by 7:30 to drive to work.  Get 500 yards down the street, van stalls.  In front of two police cars, which were parked to chat to one another.  Try to start van again, won't start.  Panic.  Call Hubster, who is still home.  Tells me to try to start it starts.  Pull a U-turn RIGHT in front of the police cars.  Van stalls again.  Re-start it can get it back to driveway.  Call dealership to leave an angry voicemail.  Email work to say I have to work from home again. call back from dealership.  I have Hubster call.  Dealership will pick up car in an hour.  10:30 - TWO hours later, dealership arrives for van.  Late in the day, I call for update.  It's now the EGR Valve.  $400.00.  They want to keep it overnight so they can test it when it's cold in the morning.

Thursday: I drive Hubster's Jeep to work.  After several check up calls, they finally call back at 3:00 in the afternoon to pick up Hubster to get the van.  I drove the car to the dentist for a filling and it didn't stall.

Friday:  Drove the van to work the long way so as to avoid the highway...took me a full hour.  So far, no problems.  Terrified to drive home on the 407 in case it stalls.

How was YOUR week?

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