Monday, 29 April 2013

So long Winnie Whirlpool! Thanks for your hard work!

After 11 long years, Winnie Whirlpool, our trusty dishwasher, has finally washed her last dish. 

Winnie joined us when we moved into this house.  She was quite expensive...not "top of the line" but up there.  She had an adjustable top rack, lots of wash settings, from china to pots and pans to sanitize.  She was shiny and black and very quiet at her work.

But over the last year or so, she has slowed down.  Her pieces were beginning to erode from many, many hot wash cycles.  Hubster fixed her and replaced a few parts several times, but this past weekend, she broke to a point where Hubster could not save her.

So, yesterday afternoon, Hubster and I headed out to Sears and bought a replacement.  Sammy Samsung will join us this Friday and he can't come soon enough!  I hate seeing Winnie sitting here, useless and sad, waiting for her ride to the dump.  I hate washing dishes by hand even more!  This week will be a paper plate and takeout food week, I think.  ;)

Thanks Winnie....<3> Pin It

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