Monday, 25 March 2013


  • Threepeat slept in his own room for the first time in his life.  Not because he's never slept in his own bed, but because he has never had his own room.  Let me 2002, when Hubster's father passed away, we sold our house and my mother-in-law sold her's.  We bought a new house (with four bedrooms) and she has lived with us ever since.  When Threepeat came along, he had to share a bedroom with Middleman.  On February 26th, my mother-in-law moved into her own apartment, about ten minutes away, thereby giving Threepeat a room of his own.  He spent the ENTIRE DAY yesterday in his room, playing, watching TV, setting up his toys and books.  He even wanted to eat his dinner in there! LOL!  Hubster and I wondered whether he would stay there at bedtime, and sure enough, with no coaxing or encouragement, he climbed up into his bed and fell asleep!  I checked on him at about 3:00 am because I was wide awake anyway (thanks insomnia) and he was sound asleep.  He came into our room at about 6:30 to snuggle for half an hour before I had to get up, which he always does.  I'm so happy for him and for Middleman.  Now they all have their own bedrooms. :)
  • Boy Oneder played his last hockey game ever last week.  Although we have enjoyed his hockey career immensely, and he could technically play for one more year, he has decided to focus all of his efforts on school next year in preparation for University the following year, so no more hockey for him. :(  I will miss the hockey moms that I love so dearly, but know that this is just one more step in our lives that has passed.  Luckily, Threepeat is very excited to play hockey next year and is almost finished with the hockey lessons he has been taking this winter.  So, Boy Oneder is kind of passing the torch to his baby brother.  :)  He will coach Threepeat along with Hubster and Middleman.
  • Middleman made the cut for his new soccer team.  He has been practising with this team since the fall and playing with them in the winter league, but there was no guarantee that he would have a spot on the summer team.  He proved himself and was told just after March Break that he made the team!! :)
  • Dudley is scheduled for his snip-snip tomorrow at the vet.  He will be neutered.  Poor little schmoop.
So, lots of milestones and excitement in our house!  I have to say that it is so nice to have my house to myself once again.  Living with my mother-in-law has been very difficult over the years.  She is truly a lovely person and I love her dearly, but we both needed our privacy.  She is LOVING her new place and has made lots of new friends.  She plays bingo and cards and meets her new friends for coffee!  She has a place to call her own and decorate as she would like.  This is an excellent thing for all of us.  :)

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