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Cruise-a-Palooza - Day Three

Cruise-a-Palooza - Day Three


Clouds as far as the eye can see.  :(

In a way, I guess this may be a good thing.  We will have to be inside and maybe that will help Threepeat recover a little more. He slept all night with no extra dose of Advil, but he snored so loud. Poor dude. 

I just spoke with a man from Nova Scotia...what a nice guy!  The crowd here is quite different than the other Carnival cruises we have been on...normally it's 90% American and of that 90%, 50% are usually rednecks!  This time, there'd are a lot of Montrealers an Canadians in general.  The average age is about 40 and there are fewer kids than we normally see.  Surprisingly, although there are moments where you see lots of people in one place,  you'd never know that there were 4500 people on this ship!  I guess at 130,000 tons and 4 ozs (don't forget the 4 ozs!), guests are spread out!

The boys are still sleeping. I wonder what we will do today if it continues to be yucky weather...more later. 

It's 11:15 and I am on the Lido deck ipad'ing while the boys are at the arcade. Threepeat's temperature was normal this morning and he had a small breakfast of bacon and honey dew melon. Sky is still gray and yucky, but it's warm. The deck is bustling with people this morning, many of which are in the hot tub and the pool!  Off the find the boys now...

After a nice buffet lunch, the 4 boys and I went our separate ways...them to the washroom and me to the Ocean Plaza to play Sea Feud. They were supposed to meet me a few minutes later, but the got sidetracked somehow and after two more games of tv and 80s trivia, I set off to find them. Can you say "needle in a haystack"?!  This ship is massive!   I got a little sidetracked in the casino, which turned out to be awesome as I won $287 off of the penny slots!!!

 I finally found them at about 4:00 and we headed up to the water play area for Threepeat to have his daily frolic in the water and on the slides. His fever had broken and he was desperate to play. We stayed for about and hour and then headed down to the cabin, where four of us napped..Threepeat watched Pirates of the Caribbean on tv. He would later regret not napping. 

We showered and headed downstairs for another great dinner...the older boys and I had steak as our mains, Hubster had ribs and rice and Threepeat, who by now was exhausted, had penne.  He didn't like the penne so refused to eat it and moaned the whole time.  Halfway through dinner, he decided he wanted Mac n' cheese and Annie, our waitress was happy to oblige. For our apps, the older boys had Caesar salad and Hubster and I had prosciutto and melon.  I also had shrimp cocktail and Hubster had French onion soup. Hubs and I also had the Didja, which as sushi.  I died when Hubster turns to me, points to my wasabi with a red face, coughing like a mad man and says between gasps" "Don't eat that!". LOL!  He ate a big wad of wasabi!!!!

Middleman and Boy Oneder had strawberry cheesecake for dessert and Middleman had his usual warm chocolates melting cake. Boy Oneder finished things off with a piece of that chocolate cake as well!

At this point, we had all had enough of Threepeat's whining and so, for the first time on this cruise, he went down to Camp Carnival. I, of course, having such luck earlier in the day, decided to head down to the casino. Well.  $303 in my pocket after a $20 bet and I w on my way to tell the fam!!

I found them at the Punchliner Club, waiting for the comedy show to start and Hubster could t believe it!  Haha!  Love it!  $590 in one day!!!

I decided to head down to the cabin and at 11:15, Middleman joined me.  Fifteen minutes later, Boy Oneder and Hubster walked in after picking up Threepeat from Camp Carnival and we got ready for bed.

Cue Threepeat's diarrhea.  Sigh.  

After half an hour, we where in bed and I was trying to sleep.  Cue the older boys all having a fart contest. Omg. That cabin smelled like a sewage pit!  But, we did die laughing.  

Finally, sleep found me at about 12:30
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