Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Six

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Six


The boat is a rockin' this morning!  It's warm, but not hot. The sun is trying to peek through the clouds that are scattered in the sky. There were a lot of "Snoozin" signs on doors this morning (Do not disturb) so I think people are taking advantage of this fun day at sea to catch up on some much needed sleep!

As usual, I am on Deck 11, enjoying my coffee and the boys are sleeping. It's 8:15 (I slept in this morning!)

Today will be spent in the sun and the shade and I know Threepeat is excited to go to Camp Carnival. :)

More later...

Well, we spent almost zero time outside today. There was too much going on inside!  We played bingo, trivia, arcade, casino....lots of stuff!

We had pasta to order for lunch and Hubster and I had sushi at 5:00. It was delicious!  I was still stuffed at 8:15, so I just had fruit salad and water for dinner. The boys all had their regular and Hubster had the Didja...escargot and eggplant with mozzarella cheese for his appetizer. He had penne siciliano for his main. I left before they had dessert to play in the casino for a bit...hey, I wasn't having dessert so why just sit there, right?  I lost some tonight though. Ah well, I'm still up!

Threepeat and I watched the show in the Ovation Theatre..."Divas" while Hubster and Boy Oneder watched the adult comedy show. Middleman was busy in the washroom, and couldn't find Threepeat and I, even though I purposely sat in the most obvious place so he would see us!  LOL!  The show was better than the first night, but still nowhere near what we are used to from Carnival. :(

It's 11:20 now and we are getting ready for bed. The boat is really rocking, BIG time hasn't been a smooth day at all today...I saw lots of sick people and saw some people buying motion sickness meds at the gift shop. Luckily, although we feel a bit queasy, our family seems to be faring well, considering the constant movement!

Anyway, off to bed to let the ship rock me to sleep!  

Good Night!
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