Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Four

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Four

Could it be?  Could that yellow thing. I see in the sky just coming up over the horizon really be SUN????

We are just sailing into Antigua...should be docked in about ten minutes and it is as beautiful as I imagined!  And the sun is shining!!!!  Looks like a trip to the beach for us today!  Yippee!

I'm having a quick coffee and then I promised to wake up Middleman. More later...

I got the boys up at 8:00 and we headed up to the Lido Deck for breakfast.  

We headed off the ship at about 8:45 and took a taxi to Turners Beach, one of 365 beaches on the island.   I have to say that both Hubster and I were a little disappointed by Antigua. I think that since I have always wanted to go to Antigua, I had very high expectations. Sadly, the island is very run down. It's dirty and there are tons of stray dogs everywhere. The cows, sheep, goats and horses we saw were all in rough shape...very, very thin. :( The people aren't very friendly either. Our cab driver didn't speak one word to us!

Turners Beach was very nice though. The sand was beautiful and white and the ocean was perfect turquoise. there was a little restaurant there, but again, the people weren't very friendly. A couple of locals were selling their wares on the beach and they were TOO friendly, bugging us all day.  I did buy an anklet for Dawn who is taking care of Dudley for me from a man who told me to call him Uncle Manny. He was sweet and asked me each time I walked by, "Is everything ok darling?". :)

We spent almost the entire time in the ocean, riding the big waves and laughing at Threepeat as he was tossed and thrown like a cork!  LOL!  He fell asleep on his towel under our umbrella towards the end of our time there...he was exhausted!

We were picked up from the beach by the same taxi driver, Harriden, and driven back in silence to our ship. Threepeat slept all the way back!  It rained just a touch as we walked from the cab to the ship, but it was welcomed because we were so sunburned!

It was only when we got back to our cabin that we saw just how badly we were burned. Threepeat wore an SPF shirt all day, thank God, and I lathered him up with SPF 60 before we left for the beach, but I didn't think to refresh the sunscreen because we were in the water all day. His arms and legs are red...more sunkissed than burned and his face is a bit red. He has a nasty sand burn in his inner thighs from being washed up on shore so many times too. :(

The older boys aren't too bad, but have some pretty sore spots. Hubster is dying. He was not sunkissed, he was sunraped ;) I told him when we arrived at the beach to put on sunscreen, but he chose to ignore me. Now his Buddah belly and man boobs are red raw. 

And me?  Well, I did put sunscreen on my chest and arms...but not very well, as I now have red streaks where my bathing suit straps were. My back?  On fire. My face?  Well, let's just say that at dinner tonight, I thought I was going to die. If faces can explode from sunburn, mine will. Yes, I forgot to protect my face.  The trouble with being in the water is that you simply don't feel the burn until it's too late. :(. We are headed to Tortola right now, scheduled to arrive at 8:00 am, and were going to do another beach, but will all our burns, that is out of the question. We will visit the shops and then stay on the the shade. 

For dinner tonight, I had shrimp cocktail, beef carpaccio as the Didja (thats raw beef FYI) and chicken pot pie for main. I actually had dessert tonight...almonds in phyllo pastry with DIE for!!  Hubster had shrimp cocktail and steak and the phyllo. The older boys had their regular, but this time, instead of flat iron steak, they had sirloin. Boy Oneder also had a chicken pot pies and the both finished with warm chocolate melting cake. Threepeat had mac n cheese and a Caesar salad and three slices of bread!  Finally, he is eating!

After dinner, I headed to the casino..I'm up $5 today. The boys headed down to the cabin and watched a little tv. It's 11:09 and Threepeat and Hubster are out cold, Boy Oneder is nearly out and I am losing the battle myself. Middleman is listening to music before he crashes. 

So, we finally got some sun and were stupid about it. Now, we will pay the price tonight and tomorrow. Ah well, there's always so much to do on a cruise. :)
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