Friday, 8 March 2013

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Five

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Five

We are just now docking in Tortola. The weather is beautiful and at 7:49 am, it's already hot!

As has become the norm, the boys are sound asleep and I am up on Deck 11 enjoying my morning coffee, peace and quiet. We are docking next to another ship. I have no idea what cruise line it is, but the symbol on the side is .;

It's funny, until we are next to another ship, you don't realize just how huge the Breeze is. We are towering over the other ship!

Today will be spent in the shade. I'm sure Threepeat will be on the waterslide all day, but we will relax in the safety of the shade :) oh boy do I hurt this morning. It's weird, my muscles ache where I am burned. I slept like a baby last night though...waking only a couple of times as I turned over,but falling right back to sleep. 

Going to grab some breakfast...more later...

After a nice breakfast of back bacon and egg sandwich, I woke the boys at 9:00 and we went back up to the Lido for them to get their breakfast.   They all ate well and we decided to head to the gangway to check out the Tortola Port.  We were going to just walk the ten minutes downtown, but we were hustled by a tour guide who talked us into a 2 hour tour of the island in his open air bus. $15 each and Threepeat was free...not we jumped onto the bus. 

What a great way to spend $60!  He took us all around and around to the top of the mountain!  The views were breathtaking and we all thoroughly enjoyed it!  He pointed out an island that has been privately owned for 30 years. If you want to stay at the small resort on the island, you can for just $30,000 per night!!!!!

We got back to the ship at 1:15 and I am now sitting in the shade at the back of the ship, enjoying my Indian food while the boys have their made to order pasta at Cucina del Capitaine. The sun is hot, hot, hot!!!

More later...

We spent the afternoon in the shade around the watermark while Threepeat went up and down both slides many, many times!  We left beautiful Tortola at about 4:30 and we are now headed to Nassau on Saturday. We have a fun day at sea tomorrow and plan to be careful in the sun!

I checked out the casino after my shower and won yet ANOTHER $500!!!!!  Woo to the hoo!!!  LOL!

For dinner tonight, we had filet mignon...YUMMY!  Hubster had the Didja...oysters Rockefeller...eww!  I passed. LOL!

After dinner, I went to the casino to try to add to my $1000 winnings, but it was not to be.  I lost $100, so my total winnings are down to $900. :)

The boys came straight to the cabin...we are all chilling out now and ready to's 11:13:)

More tomorrow!
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