Monday, 11 March 2013

Cruise-a-Palooza- Day Eight

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Eight

We left the ship at about 8:30. The debarkation process was just as streamlined as the embarkation process and we were waiting for our taxi by about 9:15. 

We arrived at the Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach at about 10:00 and of course, our room was not ready.  Check in was for 4:00. Sigh.   We stored our luggage, got the boys changed and hung out for a while at the pool. 

At noon, we decided to take a taxi to Boca Raton for lunch. We had Ruby Tuesday's and checked out the shops. We saw Lambourghinis, Ferraris, Cadillacs, BMWs...this place was RICH!!  

We headed back to the hotel at about 2:30 and checked on out room status...still not ready. The boys went down to the beach for a little walk while I sat in the lobby. The beach is unswimmable right now due to very high waves and migrating sharks (WTF?!) so there's no wave jumping for us here!

At 4:00, the room was STILL not ready, so we were comp'd Internet for our stay.  We finally got our room at 5:00. I've never been happier to take a shower!  

While the boys showered, I walked to 7/11. The concierge said it was an eighth of a mile, but I swear it was more. I go some aloe cream for our itching sunburn, some chips and some wine :)

We ordered Papa Johns for dinner (and have tons left for lunch tomorrow!) and just hung out watching movies in the room. I think we were asleep by 11:00. 

Tomorrow will be spent around the pool. :)

I miss the ship already. :(
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