Friday, 1 March 2013

Cruise-a-Palooza 2013...Day One

Our original plans were to wake up at 2:00 this morning and drive to the Buffalo Airport to catch our 7:45 am flight to Fort Lauderdale, but late yesterday morning, Hubster suggested that we book a hotel in Buffalo for the night instead of getting up so early.  Not that I had been suggesting this all along!  But, anyway, we booked the Courtyard Marriott, right in front of the Buffalo Airport for last night.

If you know me, you know that I am a last minute kinda girl.  I opened a suitcase for the first time at 1:30 yesterday.  I was SO not prepared to lose the evening I had designated as "pack-o-rama".  But, I did it!  I even cooked dinner for us before we left at about 7:45 pm.

We arrived at the hotel close to 10:00 pm and checked in.  The boys had their beloved milk and cookies that I had bought before we left Canada and then we crashed.

Our wake up call was for 5:00 am...UGH.  We were on the shuttle at 6:00, arrived at the airport at 6:07 and were checked in, through security and sitting at the gate by 6:32 am.  What a GREAT system this airport has!  Pearson International...are you LISTENING???

Our flight was a wee bit delayed because they had to de-ice the plane, but by 8:25, we were in the air!  Southwest is THE best commerical airline we have used.  They are a budget airline, but the staff is simply the best...funny, caring, like family.  LOVE THEM!

The flight was beautifully smooth and I was surprisingly calm.

We landed in Fort Lauderdale at about 11:00 and waited a short while for our luggage before we were off to meet the shuttle.  Our cruise leaves from Miami, but Southwest doesn't fly into Miami, so we had to drive from Fort Lauderdale to where I am now...Embassy Suites at the Miami Airport.  We have had a great day here, although the weather is overcast and cool.

Threepeat spent over an hour in the pool with several other kids while the rest of us wrapped ourselved in towels to stay warm!  As Howard Stern says, "In the winter, Florida weather is hit and miss" - LOL!

We had Papa John's pizza delivered for dinner (YUMMY!!!)

I got stuck in the elevator.  This is my WORST.NIGHTMARE.  WORST!  I was stuck for about five minutes before the maintenance man hero saved my life.  He felt so bad for me that he brought up a care package of water, chips, cookies and a coupon for a free "on demand" movie.  What a guy.  <3 p="">
After my heartrate got back to normal, with the help of a glass of wine, we settled in with the boys to order a movie.  But it didn't work.  Maintenance came up to look and determined that the entire hotel "on demand" system was down.  So they gave us free wireless internet instead.  Right now, Boy Oneder is on his Blackberry, Middleman is on MY Ipad and Threepeat is on MY laptop.  Sigh....I am coming at ya from the business centre on the first floor.  LOL!

Tomorrow, our shuttle picks us up for the ship at 12:00 and we are off to sail away our winter blues.  I'm really hoping the weather gets better because it's coat weather here in Miami!

I will be typing out our adventures on my Ipad and will publish all of our antics once we are back in Fort Lauderdale next Sunday.

Have a great week! Pin It

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