Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cruise-a-Palooza 2013 - Day Two

Cruise-a-Palooza - Day Two

Threepeat woke me up at 7:00 by banging his head on the top bunk..poor soul. We checked his temperature and it was 99.1 degrees...much, much better. But he now has a stuffy nose.  So, let's hope this is just a run of the mill cold. He fell back to sleep after watching about half an hour of tv and is still sleeping now at 8:45

I am up on Deck 11, enjoying a coffee and some quiet time before all the boys wake up for breakfast. Still praying hard that the fever will break and he will be able to play and enjoy his cruise. 

Today is a Fun Day at Sea, as is tomorrow. The water area opens at noon and so does the rope walk. Hoping we can all have a great day. Yesterday was very cold, but even early this morning, I am in capris and a t-shirt and am comfortable. It'd a bit cloudy, but I hope the sun will kill off those white fluff balls and we will have a nice hot day in the sunshine!  

More later...

It's 2:45 and I am lying on a lunger, enjoying the quiet sun. The boys are at the water park with Hubster. Threepeat seems to be better now and his temperature seems to be normal. He spent some time on the waterside this morning and had a small pasta lunch. Hopefully, my prayers worked and the rest of the vacation will be smooth sailing (pun intended!)

I lost $45 in the casino...sigh...but that's what cruising is all about...depositing  money where I can ;)

Well, going to relax for the five minutes that I have before the boys come back. More later...

That fives minutes ended up being about seven!  LOL!

When the boys returned from the waterslides, the older boys and I went in to watch the Hasbro Game Show...really cute life sized games of Connect 4 and Simon. After the first half, I went out to get Threepeat, who was supposed to be having a nap, but was instead, listening to tunes on my iPad. LOL!  He came in and watched the second half and then we headed to our cabin to relax a little. 

Once again, he felt warm and now was wincing when he swallowed so i asked if it hurt and it did.  A check of his temperature showed 101.6. Sigh. Before we left, he had complained of a sore throat, and seeing as he has had strep throat three times since December, I called the doctor on Thursday, begging for a prescription for antibiotics just in case. Thank God, he obliged and I picked up the unmixed Biaxin on our way to Buffalo!

I gave him his first dose of Biaxin and a dose of Advil. Then we got ready for our first formal night. The boys all looked very dapper in their formal wear and I think I looked nice in my cocktail dress :) Hubster and I are a little sunkissed, but the boys don't have any colour yet after day one. 

We had a few photos taken, which I hope turn out nice enough to enlarge and then headed to our Sapphire Dining Room for another awesome meal.  Hubster's meal consisted of minestrone soup and then prime rib and lobster tail with grilled shrimp.  Now, being seasoned cruisers, we know that you can have pretty much whatever you want in almost unlimited quantities.  On our first cruise, we had what one would expect to be a normal meal...one appetizer, one main course and one dessert.  Well...we now know better!  The prime rib was one entree and the lobster tail and shrimp was the other. :)

I had stuffed mushrooms and beetroot carpaccio (2 apps) and then I had the Didja item which was alligator fritters. Yummy!  I had these last year too!  Threepeat tried them, knowing they were alligator and he actually liked it!  My main was the same as Hubster and we both had apple caramel on puff pastry with cream and caramel sauce for dessert...yumm!!!

The older boys both had Caesar salad and prime rib with baked potatoes AND French fries and the warm chocolate melting cake for dessert. Threepeat had Caesar salad and steak. :). He had ice cream from the ice cream machine for dessert. 

After dinner, we headed to the Ovation Theatre for the show. Tonight's show was called, "The Brits" and was all music from the British invasion. Although the. Effects were really cool, the show did not live up to the standards that Carnival has set for us in the past.  The lead dancers/singers were both way off key and the dance moves were quite amateur. But, Threepeat loved it, until he fell asleep with about ten minutes left in the show. Poor Hubster had to carry him all the way from the furthest point forward to our cabin waaaay back in the aft. 

I wanted to give him another dose of the meds, but just didn't have the heart to wake him, so I will hope he gets through the night with no Advil and will give him dose number two of Biaxin when he wakes up.   He is snoring like an old man right now, so I know his tonsils are swollen again. Poor schmoopy. :(

We have crossed a timezone, so tonight, we have to put our clocks forward one hour.  Another Fun Day at Sea tomorrow and then St. Thomas on Tuesday. :)
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