Monday, 25 March 2013


  • Threepeat slept in his own room for the first time in his life.  Not because he's never slept in his own bed, but because he has never had his own room.  Let me 2002, when Hubster's father passed away, we sold our house and my mother-in-law sold her's.  We bought a new house (with four bedrooms) and she has lived with us ever since.  When Threepeat came along, he had to share a bedroom with Middleman.  On February 26th, my mother-in-law moved into her own apartment, about ten minutes away, thereby giving Threepeat a room of his own.  He spent the ENTIRE DAY yesterday in his room, playing, watching TV, setting up his toys and books.  He even wanted to eat his dinner in there! LOL!  Hubster and I wondered whether he would stay there at bedtime, and sure enough, with no coaxing or encouragement, he climbed up into his bed and fell asleep!  I checked on him at about 3:00 am because I was wide awake anyway (thanks insomnia) and he was sound asleep.  He came into our room at about 6:30 to snuggle for half an hour before I had to get up, which he always does.  I'm so happy for him and for Middleman.  Now they all have their own bedrooms. :)
  • Boy Oneder played his last hockey game ever last week.  Although we have enjoyed his hockey career immensely, and he could technically play for one more year, he has decided to focus all of his efforts on school next year in preparation for University the following year, so no more hockey for him. :(  I will miss the hockey moms that I love so dearly, but know that this is just one more step in our lives that has passed.  Luckily, Threepeat is very excited to play hockey next year and is almost finished with the hockey lessons he has been taking this winter.  So, Boy Oneder is kind of passing the torch to his baby brother.  :)  He will coach Threepeat along with Hubster and Middleman.
  • Middleman made the cut for his new soccer team.  He has been practising with this team since the fall and playing with them in the winter league, but there was no guarantee that he would have a spot on the summer team.  He proved himself and was told just after March Break that he made the team!! :)
  • Dudley is scheduled for his snip-snip tomorrow at the vet.  He will be neutered.  Poor little schmoop.
So, lots of milestones and excitement in our house!  I have to say that it is so nice to have my house to myself once again.  Living with my mother-in-law has been very difficult over the years.  She is truly a lovely person and I love her dearly, but we both needed our privacy.  She is LOVING her new place and has made lots of new friends.  She plays bingo and cards and meets her new friends for coffee!  She has a place to call her own and decorate as she would like.  This is an excellent thing for all of us.  :)

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday

How I wish I was right where I was when I took this photo two weeks ago...

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Saturday, 16 March 2013


Post vacation blues have already set in. 

I long to be back on the ship, where my bed was made, my room was cleaned, my dinners were made and I had no responsibilities other than ensuring none of my family fell overboard. 

I have been working my way through six suitcases of laundry, vacuuming, dusting, making beds, cooking dinners, grocery shopping, emptying and refilling the dishwasher way too many times for my liking. :(

I have well over 300 emails anxiously awaiting my return to the office on Monday. That makes me feel sick, considering I have already weeded out the "read and delete" emails. Sigh.

Don't get me wrong...I am truly grateful for the fact that we were able to go away. I realize there are any people who simply can't get away, even for a weekend. Please don't think I  am ungrateful. Our family is truly blessed to be able to vacation as much as we do. I just hate the back to reality part. 

This time last week, we were on our way back to Miami after a week on the Carnival Breeze. Oh how I wish I could do it all again and again and again...

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Cruise-a-Palooza- Day Eight

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Eight

We left the ship at about 8:30. The debarkation process was just as streamlined as the embarkation process and we were waiting for our taxi by about 9:15. 

We arrived at the Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach at about 10:00 and of course, our room was not ready.  Check in was for 4:00. Sigh.   We stored our luggage, got the boys changed and hung out for a while at the pool. 

At noon, we decided to take a taxi to Boca Raton for lunch. We had Ruby Tuesday's and checked out the shops. We saw Lambourghinis, Ferraris, Cadillacs, BMWs...this place was RICH!!  

We headed back to the hotel at about 2:30 and checked on out room status...still not ready. The boys went down to the beach for a little walk while I sat in the lobby. The beach is unswimmable right now due to very high waves and migrating sharks (WTF?!) so there's no wave jumping for us here!

At 4:00, the room was STILL not ready, so we were comp'd Internet for our stay.  We finally got our room at 5:00. I've never been happier to take a shower!  

While the boys showered, I walked to 7/11. The concierge said it was an eighth of a mile, but I swear it was more. I go some aloe cream for our itching sunburn, some chips and some wine :)

We ordered Papa Johns for dinner (and have tons left for lunch tomorrow!) and just hung out watching movies in the room. I think we were asleep by 11:00. 

Tomorrow will be spent around the pool. :)

I miss the ship already. :(
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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Six

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Six


The boat is a rockin' this morning!  It's warm, but not hot. The sun is trying to peek through the clouds that are scattered in the sky. There were a lot of "Snoozin" signs on doors this morning (Do not disturb) so I think people are taking advantage of this fun day at sea to catch up on some much needed sleep!

As usual, I am on Deck 11, enjoying my coffee and the boys are sleeping. It's 8:15 (I slept in this morning!)

Today will be spent in the sun and the shade and I know Threepeat is excited to go to Camp Carnival. :)

More later...

Well, we spent almost zero time outside today. There was too much going on inside!  We played bingo, trivia, arcade, casino....lots of stuff!

We had pasta to order for lunch and Hubster and I had sushi at 5:00. It was delicious!  I was still stuffed at 8:15, so I just had fruit salad and water for dinner. The boys all had their regular and Hubster had the Didja...escargot and eggplant with mozzarella cheese for his appetizer. He had penne siciliano for his main. I left before they had dessert to play in the casino for a bit...hey, I wasn't having dessert so why just sit there, right?  I lost some tonight though. Ah well, I'm still up!

Threepeat and I watched the show in the Ovation Theatre..."Divas" while Hubster and Boy Oneder watched the adult comedy show. Middleman was busy in the washroom, and couldn't find Threepeat and I, even though I purposely sat in the most obvious place so he would see us!  LOL!  The show was better than the first night, but still nowhere near what we are used to from Carnival. :(

It's 11:20 now and we are getting ready for bed. The boat is really rocking, BIG time hasn't been a smooth day at all today...I saw lots of sick people and saw some people buying motion sickness meds at the gift shop. Luckily, although we feel a bit queasy, our family seems to be faring well, considering the constant movement!

Anyway, off to bed to let the ship rock me to sleep!  

Good Night!
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Friday, 8 March 2013

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Five

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Five

We are just now docking in Tortola. The weather is beautiful and at 7:49 am, it's already hot!

As has become the norm, the boys are sound asleep and I am up on Deck 11 enjoying my morning coffee, peace and quiet. We are docking next to another ship. I have no idea what cruise line it is, but the symbol on the side is .;

It's funny, until we are next to another ship, you don't realize just how huge the Breeze is. We are towering over the other ship!

Today will be spent in the shade. I'm sure Threepeat will be on the waterslide all day, but we will relax in the safety of the shade :) oh boy do I hurt this morning. It's weird, my muscles ache where I am burned. I slept like a baby last night though...waking only a couple of times as I turned over,but falling right back to sleep. 

Going to grab some breakfast...more later...

After a nice breakfast of back bacon and egg sandwich, I woke the boys at 9:00 and we went back up to the Lido for them to get their breakfast.   They all ate well and we decided to head to the gangway to check out the Tortola Port.  We were going to just walk the ten minutes downtown, but we were hustled by a tour guide who talked us into a 2 hour tour of the island in his open air bus. $15 each and Threepeat was free...not we jumped onto the bus. 

What a great way to spend $60!  He took us all around and around to the top of the mountain!  The views were breathtaking and we all thoroughly enjoyed it!  He pointed out an island that has been privately owned for 30 years. If you want to stay at the small resort on the island, you can for just $30,000 per night!!!!!

We got back to the ship at 1:15 and I am now sitting in the shade at the back of the ship, enjoying my Indian food while the boys have their made to order pasta at Cucina del Capitaine. The sun is hot, hot, hot!!!

More later...

We spent the afternoon in the shade around the watermark while Threepeat went up and down both slides many, many times!  We left beautiful Tortola at about 4:30 and we are now headed to Nassau on Saturday. We have a fun day at sea tomorrow and plan to be careful in the sun!

I checked out the casino after my shower and won yet ANOTHER $500!!!!!  Woo to the hoo!!!  LOL!

For dinner tonight, we had filet mignon...YUMMY!  Hubster had the Didja...oysters Rockefeller...eww!  I passed. LOL!

After dinner, I went to the casino to try to add to my $1000 winnings, but it was not to be.  I lost $100, so my total winnings are down to $900. :)

The boys came straight to the cabin...we are all chilling out now and ready to's 11:13:)

More tomorrow!
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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Four

Cruise-A-Palooza - Day Four

Could it be?  Could that yellow thing. I see in the sky just coming up over the horizon really be SUN????

We are just sailing into Antigua...should be docked in about ten minutes and it is as beautiful as I imagined!  And the sun is shining!!!!  Looks like a trip to the beach for us today!  Yippee!

I'm having a quick coffee and then I promised to wake up Middleman. More later...

I got the boys up at 8:00 and we headed up to the Lido Deck for breakfast.  

We headed off the ship at about 8:45 and took a taxi to Turners Beach, one of 365 beaches on the island.   I have to say that both Hubster and I were a little disappointed by Antigua. I think that since I have always wanted to go to Antigua, I had very high expectations. Sadly, the island is very run down. It's dirty and there are tons of stray dogs everywhere. The cows, sheep, goats and horses we saw were all in rough shape...very, very thin. :( The people aren't very friendly either. Our cab driver didn't speak one word to us!

Turners Beach was very nice though. The sand was beautiful and white and the ocean was perfect turquoise. there was a little restaurant there, but again, the people weren't very friendly. A couple of locals were selling their wares on the beach and they were TOO friendly, bugging us all day.  I did buy an anklet for Dawn who is taking care of Dudley for me from a man who told me to call him Uncle Manny. He was sweet and asked me each time I walked by, "Is everything ok darling?". :)

We spent almost the entire time in the ocean, riding the big waves and laughing at Threepeat as he was tossed and thrown like a cork!  LOL!  He fell asleep on his towel under our umbrella towards the end of our time there...he was exhausted!

We were picked up from the beach by the same taxi driver, Harriden, and driven back in silence to our ship. Threepeat slept all the way back!  It rained just a touch as we walked from the cab to the ship, but it was welcomed because we were so sunburned!

It was only when we got back to our cabin that we saw just how badly we were burned. Threepeat wore an SPF shirt all day, thank God, and I lathered him up with SPF 60 before we left for the beach, but I didn't think to refresh the sunscreen because we were in the water all day. His arms and legs are red...more sunkissed than burned and his face is a bit red. He has a nasty sand burn in his inner thighs from being washed up on shore so many times too. :(

The older boys aren't too bad, but have some pretty sore spots. Hubster is dying. He was not sunkissed, he was sunraped ;) I told him when we arrived at the beach to put on sunscreen, but he chose to ignore me. Now his Buddah belly and man boobs are red raw. 

And me?  Well, I did put sunscreen on my chest and arms...but not very well, as I now have red streaks where my bathing suit straps were. My back?  On fire. My face?  Well, let's just say that at dinner tonight, I thought I was going to die. If faces can explode from sunburn, mine will. Yes, I forgot to protect my face.  The trouble with being in the water is that you simply don't feel the burn until it's too late. :(. We are headed to Tortola right now, scheduled to arrive at 8:00 am, and were going to do another beach, but will all our burns, that is out of the question. We will visit the shops and then stay on the the shade. 

For dinner tonight, I had shrimp cocktail, beef carpaccio as the Didja (thats raw beef FYI) and chicken pot pie for main. I actually had dessert tonight...almonds in phyllo pastry with DIE for!!  Hubster had shrimp cocktail and steak and the phyllo. The older boys had their regular, but this time, instead of flat iron steak, they had sirloin. Boy Oneder also had a chicken pot pies and the both finished with warm chocolate melting cake. Threepeat had mac n cheese and a Caesar salad and three slices of bread!  Finally, he is eating!

After dinner, I headed to the casino..I'm up $5 today. The boys headed down to the cabin and watched a little tv. It's 11:09 and Threepeat and Hubster are out cold, Boy Oneder is nearly out and I am losing the battle myself. Middleman is listening to music before he crashes. 

So, we finally got some sun and were stupid about it. Now, we will pay the price tonight and tomorrow. Ah well, there's always so much to do on a cruise. :)
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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cruise-a-Palooza - Day Three

Cruise-a-Palooza - Day Three


Clouds as far as the eye can see.  :(

In a way, I guess this may be a good thing.  We will have to be inside and maybe that will help Threepeat recover a little more. He slept all night with no extra dose of Advil, but he snored so loud. Poor dude. 

I just spoke with a man from Nova Scotia...what a nice guy!  The crowd here is quite different than the other Carnival cruises we have been on...normally it's 90% American and of that 90%, 50% are usually rednecks!  This time, there'd are a lot of Montrealers an Canadians in general.  The average age is about 40 and there are fewer kids than we normally see.  Surprisingly, although there are moments where you see lots of people in one place,  you'd never know that there were 4500 people on this ship!  I guess at 130,000 tons and 4 ozs (don't forget the 4 ozs!), guests are spread out!

The boys are still sleeping. I wonder what we will do today if it continues to be yucky weather...more later. 

It's 11:15 and I am on the Lido deck ipad'ing while the boys are at the arcade. Threepeat's temperature was normal this morning and he had a small breakfast of bacon and honey dew melon. Sky is still gray and yucky, but it's warm. The deck is bustling with people this morning, many of which are in the hot tub and the pool!  Off the find the boys now...

After a nice buffet lunch, the 4 boys and I went our separate ways...them to the washroom and me to the Ocean Plaza to play Sea Feud. They were supposed to meet me a few minutes later, but the got sidetracked somehow and after two more games of tv and 80s trivia, I set off to find them. Can you say "needle in a haystack"?!  This ship is massive!   I got a little sidetracked in the casino, which turned out to be awesome as I won $287 off of the penny slots!!!

 I finally found them at about 4:00 and we headed up to the water play area for Threepeat to have his daily frolic in the water and on the slides. His fever had broken and he was desperate to play. We stayed for about and hour and then headed down to the cabin, where four of us napped..Threepeat watched Pirates of the Caribbean on tv. He would later regret not napping. 

We showered and headed downstairs for another great dinner...the older boys and I had steak as our mains, Hubster had ribs and rice and Threepeat, who by now was exhausted, had penne.  He didn't like the penne so refused to eat it and moaned the whole time.  Halfway through dinner, he decided he wanted Mac n' cheese and Annie, our waitress was happy to oblige. For our apps, the older boys had Caesar salad and Hubster and I had prosciutto and melon.  I also had shrimp cocktail and Hubster had French onion soup. Hubs and I also had the Didja, which as sushi.  I died when Hubster turns to me, points to my wasabi with a red face, coughing like a mad man and says between gasps" "Don't eat that!". LOL!  He ate a big wad of wasabi!!!!

Middleman and Boy Oneder had strawberry cheesecake for dessert and Middleman had his usual warm chocolates melting cake. Boy Oneder finished things off with a piece of that chocolate cake as well!

At this point, we had all had enough of Threepeat's whining and so, for the first time on this cruise, he went down to Camp Carnival. I, of course, having such luck earlier in the day, decided to head down to the casino. Well.  $303 in my pocket after a $20 bet and I w on my way to tell the fam!!

I found them at the Punchliner Club, waiting for the comedy show to start and Hubster could t believe it!  Haha!  Love it!  $590 in one day!!!

I decided to head down to the cabin and at 11:15, Middleman joined me.  Fifteen minutes later, Boy Oneder and Hubster walked in after picking up Threepeat from Camp Carnival and we got ready for bed.

Cue Threepeat's diarrhea.  Sigh.  

After half an hour, we where in bed and I was trying to sleep.  Cue the older boys all having a fart contest. Omg. That cabin smelled like a sewage pit!  But, we did die laughing.  

Finally, sleep found me at about 12:30
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Cruise-a-Palooza 2013 - Day Two

Cruise-a-Palooza - Day Two

Threepeat woke me up at 7:00 by banging his head on the top bunk..poor soul. We checked his temperature and it was 99.1 degrees...much, much better. But he now has a stuffy nose.  So, let's hope this is just a run of the mill cold. He fell back to sleep after watching about half an hour of tv and is still sleeping now at 8:45

I am up on Deck 11, enjoying a coffee and some quiet time before all the boys wake up for breakfast. Still praying hard that the fever will break and he will be able to play and enjoy his cruise. 

Today is a Fun Day at Sea, as is tomorrow. The water area opens at noon and so does the rope walk. Hoping we can all have a great day. Yesterday was very cold, but even early this morning, I am in capris and a t-shirt and am comfortable. It'd a bit cloudy, but I hope the sun will kill off those white fluff balls and we will have a nice hot day in the sunshine!  

More later...

It's 2:45 and I am lying on a lunger, enjoying the quiet sun. The boys are at the water park with Hubster. Threepeat seems to be better now and his temperature seems to be normal. He spent some time on the waterside this morning and had a small pasta lunch. Hopefully, my prayers worked and the rest of the vacation will be smooth sailing (pun intended!)

I lost $45 in the casino...sigh...but that's what cruising is all about...depositing  money where I can ;)

Well, going to relax for the five minutes that I have before the boys come back. More later...

That fives minutes ended up being about seven!  LOL!

When the boys returned from the waterslides, the older boys and I went in to watch the Hasbro Game Show...really cute life sized games of Connect 4 and Simon. After the first half, I went out to get Threepeat, who was supposed to be having a nap, but was instead, listening to tunes on my iPad. LOL!  He came in and watched the second half and then we headed to our cabin to relax a little. 

Once again, he felt warm and now was wincing when he swallowed so i asked if it hurt and it did.  A check of his temperature showed 101.6. Sigh. Before we left, he had complained of a sore throat, and seeing as he has had strep throat three times since December, I called the doctor on Thursday, begging for a prescription for antibiotics just in case. Thank God, he obliged and I picked up the unmixed Biaxin on our way to Buffalo!

I gave him his first dose of Biaxin and a dose of Advil. Then we got ready for our first formal night. The boys all looked very dapper in their formal wear and I think I looked nice in my cocktail dress :) Hubster and I are a little sunkissed, but the boys don't have any colour yet after day one. 

We had a few photos taken, which I hope turn out nice enough to enlarge and then headed to our Sapphire Dining Room for another awesome meal.  Hubster's meal consisted of minestrone soup and then prime rib and lobster tail with grilled shrimp.  Now, being seasoned cruisers, we know that you can have pretty much whatever you want in almost unlimited quantities.  On our first cruise, we had what one would expect to be a normal appetizer, one main course and one dessert.  Well...we now know better!  The prime rib was one entree and the lobster tail and shrimp was the other. :)

I had stuffed mushrooms and beetroot carpaccio (2 apps) and then I had the Didja item which was alligator fritters. Yummy!  I had these last year too!  Threepeat tried them, knowing they were alligator and he actually liked it!  My main was the same as Hubster and we both had apple caramel on puff pastry with cream and caramel sauce for dessert...yumm!!!

The older boys both had Caesar salad and prime rib with baked potatoes AND French fries and the warm chocolate melting cake for dessert. Threepeat had Caesar salad and steak. :). He had ice cream from the ice cream machine for dessert. 

After dinner, we headed to the Ovation Theatre for the show. Tonight's show was called, "The Brits" and was all music from the British invasion. Although the. Effects were really cool, the show did not live up to the standards that Carnival has set for us in the past.  The lead dancers/singers were both way off key and the dance moves were quite amateur. But, Threepeat loved it, until he fell asleep with about ten minutes left in the show. Poor Hubster had to carry him all the way from the furthest point forward to our cabin waaaay back in the aft. 

I wanted to give him another dose of the meds, but just didn't have the heart to wake him, so I will hope he gets through the night with no Advil and will give him dose number two of Biaxin when he wakes up.   He is snoring like an old man right now, so I know his tonsils are swollen again. Poor schmoopy. :(

We have crossed a timezone, so tonight, we have to put our clocks forward one hour.  Another Fun Day at Sea tomorrow and then St. Thomas on Tuesday. :)
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Monday, 4 March 2013

Cruise-a-Palooza 2013 - Day 1

We left the Embassy Suites in Miami at 12:30, headed for the Port to board the beautiful Carnival Breeze. The weather was awful...cold and threatening rain.  :(

As usual, the embarkation process was a breeze (excuse the pun). Carnival has this down to an art, and everything runs like a well-oiled machine. We were on the ship, eating our lunch by about 1:30

We spent the afternoon exploring the majesty of this unbelievable ship.  This is our fifth cruise with Carnival, but the Breeze is by far the most well laid out, best decorated and pretty to look at that we have seen. Gone are the bright and gawdy colours that we were accustomed to, replaced with light, neutral, basic and classy decor. 

The water fun area is unbelievable. Threepeat can't wait to get in there and play tomorrow!  Something tells me all three boys will be scarce this week! 

Dinner was amazing...Hubster had Sweet and Sour Shrimp, I had Braised Briset of Beef, the older boys had steak and Threepeat had Mac and Cheese and a Caesar Salad. On our last cruise, all four boys always looked forward to their Caesar Salad every night and this year is no different!  For dessert, Middleman had his favourite Carnival dessert, the warm chocolate melting cake!  

During dinner, Threepeat was not himself...we chalked it up to sheer exhaustion from a busy couple of days, but  when we got back to the room after dinner, he was complaining of feeling sick. He also said he was freezing. check of his temperature and we knew he was fevered...100.6 degrees. Low grade, but there. :(. He fell asleep almost the second his head hit the pillow and I started to worry.

He slept well, but I didn't, listening to him breath rapidly and going through all the horrible scenarios in my head. I prayed every time I woke up that his fever was just exhaustion. He so desperately wants to play in the water park, but he can't if he's fevered!  :(
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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Thank God we are getting out of Miami today!

 The weather here is just awful.  COLD.  Now, on the positive side, there is no snow.  But it's over cast, spitting with rain once in a while and just blah.  Look:
But it doesn't matter...we are leaving to day on our cruise!!! 

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Cruise-a-Palooza 2013...Day One

Our original plans were to wake up at 2:00 this morning and drive to the Buffalo Airport to catch our 7:45 am flight to Fort Lauderdale, but late yesterday morning, Hubster suggested that we book a hotel in Buffalo for the night instead of getting up so early.  Not that I had been suggesting this all along!  But, anyway, we booked the Courtyard Marriott, right in front of the Buffalo Airport for last night.

If you know me, you know that I am a last minute kinda girl.  I opened a suitcase for the first time at 1:30 yesterday.  I was SO not prepared to lose the evening I had designated as "pack-o-rama".  But, I did it!  I even cooked dinner for us before we left at about 7:45 pm.

We arrived at the hotel close to 10:00 pm and checked in.  The boys had their beloved milk and cookies that I had bought before we left Canada and then we crashed.

Our wake up call was for 5:00 am...UGH.  We were on the shuttle at 6:00, arrived at the airport at 6:07 and were checked in, through security and sitting at the gate by 6:32 am.  What a GREAT system this airport has!  Pearson International...are you LISTENING???

Our flight was a wee bit delayed because they had to de-ice the plane, but by 8:25, we were in the air!  Southwest is THE best commerical airline we have used.  They are a budget airline, but the staff is simply the best...funny, caring, like family.  LOVE THEM!

The flight was beautifully smooth and I was surprisingly calm.

We landed in Fort Lauderdale at about 11:00 and waited a short while for our luggage before we were off to meet the shuttle.  Our cruise leaves from Miami, but Southwest doesn't fly into Miami, so we had to drive from Fort Lauderdale to where I am now...Embassy Suites at the Miami Airport.  We have had a great day here, although the weather is overcast and cool.

Threepeat spent over an hour in the pool with several other kids while the rest of us wrapped ourselved in towels to stay warm!  As Howard Stern says, "In the winter, Florida weather is hit and miss" - LOL!

We had Papa John's pizza delivered for dinner (YUMMY!!!)

I got stuck in the elevator.  This is my WORST.NIGHTMARE.  WORST!  I was stuck for about five minutes before the maintenance man hero saved my life.  He felt so bad for me that he brought up a care package of water, chips, cookies and a coupon for a free "on demand" movie.  What a guy.  <3 p="">
After my heartrate got back to normal, with the help of a glass of wine, we settled in with the boys to order a movie.  But it didn't work.  Maintenance came up to look and determined that the entire hotel "on demand" system was down.  So they gave us free wireless internet instead.  Right now, Boy Oneder is on his Blackberry, Middleman is on MY Ipad and Threepeat is on MY laptop.  Sigh....I am coming at ya from the business centre on the first floor.  LOL!

Tomorrow, our shuttle picks us up for the ship at 12:00 and we are off to sail away our winter blues.  I'm really hoping the weather gets better because it's coat weather here in Miami!

I will be typing out our adventures on my Ipad and will publish all of our antics once we are back in Fort Lauderdale next Sunday.

Have a great week! Pin It
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