Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hubster has been in San Diego since Monday morning, essentially leaving me a single mother. 

He comes home tomorrow, God willing (there's a DOOZY of a storm headed our way tonight and I'm praying it won't delay his flight tomorrow).  But, during this week, I have renewed respect for single parents...I've always marvelled at how one parent can handle it all, but this week really made me realize how tough it is.

Boy Oneder is self-sufficient in the mornings.  He gets up on his own, showers, makes his breakfast and gets ready all by himself.  I just make his lunch for him.

Middleman is also self-sufficient, save for his lunch.

Threepeat is a DISASTER in the mornings.  He is SO like his Dad in that he is NOT a morning person.  He likes his bed, that's for sure.  He needs to be poked, prodded, begged and yelled at to wake up.  I finally get him downstairs and he promptly falls asleep on the couch.  GAH!

Since I started my new job, I have to be in the office each day...the commute is about half an hour and I like to be in by 8:00-8:30 so that I can get out a little early to begin the evening routine.  Hubster takes care of getting Threepeat out to school in the morning.  I get him all ready, fed and packed up, but Hubster gets him out.  This week, I had to do it.  Wake him up, feed him breakfast, make all the lunches, give Threepeat his clothes, shower myself, get all my stuff ready to go and then get him off to school.  I get to work around 9:00 because school starts at 8:30, which means he's not out until 8:15.

I work all day and when Hubster is home, I leave around 4:30-5:00.  This week, I have been leaving at 4:00 because I need to ensure I am home to get supper done early enough to get to our other extracurriculars!

Home at 5:15, cook dinner, help Threepeat with homework, soccer practice (or physio), laundry, tidy up, pick up Boy Oneder from his girlfriend's house, shower Threepeat, go to bed.



I'm REALLY looking forward to having my Hubster back.  Not gonna lie, I miss having him around!  :) Pin It

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