Friday, 8 February 2013

Five Question Friday!

We are in the midst of a major winter storm today, so I am working from home.  Threepeat will go to daycare (it's in our subdivision) and Middleman goes to the school behind our house, so he will go to school, but Boy Oneder can't get to school (buses were cancelled and there ain't no way this mama is heading all the way out to his school) so he is in bed, sound asleep. 

I'm praying that Hubster's flight home from San Diego won't be cancelled this afternoon!!

Anyway, to get my mind off the weather, I'm going to answer this week's questions on  Mama M's Five Question Friday:

1. What holiday do you wish did not exist?

What?  None of them!  Any holiday is a good holiday!!!!

2. What is your favorite romance/love movie?

I do love Titanic...that's my ultimate fav...I've seen it 3,753,982 times or so.

3. Do you make a big production out of celebrating Valentine's Day?

Nope.  I'm happy with a card, but rarely, if I get REALLY lucky, Hubster buys me a bouquet of flowers.  Let's see what happens this yesr.  I usually get him a card and some O'Henry bars...his fav :)

4. What is something weird you did as a child? (or even now!)

I have so many little weird things that I did/do, but for the life of me I can't think of one now!  Honestly...this is bad.  Ummm.....oh here's one....when I was little, I was mad at my parents for not giving me a middle name, when all my friends had one.  Never mind that their middle names were like Gertrude and Penelope...they had middle names and that was cool!  So, I made mine up...but I had week it was Amy, then Kelly, Karen, Laura, Elizabeth to name a few.  I even wrote my full name: Dawn Amy **** on top of my school work.  Yeah...I'm a weirdo.

5. What makes you love your husband, really LOVE him, you know since Valentines is coming up?

I love that he is a patient man who loves us and does what he thinks is right for us.  I love that he coaches our boys in their sports and works hard to provide for us.  <3> Pin It


Kenzie Smith said...

I forgot all about Titanic - I watched that movie religiously as a kid! I had the biggest crush on Leonardo DiCaprio haha!!
That's funny about you writing middle names on your school papers.
Stopping by from 5-Question Friday!

Candice said...

Titanic...that's a good one!!

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