Thursday, 3 January 2013

Time for a REAL update

I have been a very bad blogger of late.

But, I have excuses.  Sickness, holidays, new job...

I was sick from Christmas Eve through to December 29th.  To be honest, I am still not 100%...I have a nasty cough and am feeling exhausted most of the time.  I'm hoping it won't be long before I am back to my old self again!

My new role has been great so far!  I love the people and I love having my own office :)  I am slowly integrating myself, while continuing to work with a couple of clients who I will stay with until they are live in a couple of weeks.  I got my business cards yesterday!  I feel so official now! :)

Threepeat is on day 22 of 24 on his second course of antibiotics.  He had strep throat back in the beginning on December, then mesenteric adenitis (google it) and then two days after he finished his ten days' worth of antibiotics, he got strep again.  The doctor talked about us removing his tonsils and adenoids sometime in the near future, but put him on an extended course of new antibiotics to kill the bacteria that made him so sick.  He's doing great now...just hoping he stays that way!

Middleman, who gave me the flu as he was sick two days before me, is on day three of a course of antibiotics because he has bronchitis.  Sigh.  He's doing better now with no fever, but he is still coughing alot and has a really stuffy nose.  :(

Boy Oneder has been lucky (knock on wood) and has stayed healthy through it all.  He is celebrating 8 months today with his sweet girlfriend. 

Hubster had a cold at some point in December, but got well fairly quickly.

Duds and Rosie are both doing well.  They are really great together now...although Dudley drives her bonkers once in a while, Rosie has been very patient with him lately. :)

I think that about covers everything.  Thanks for sticking around through my blog drought!  :)

Happy New Year! Pin It

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