Monday, 28 January 2013

Seven Years

I look back at photos and still, even after seven years, cannot believe she is truly gone...forever.

Joanne's daughters look and ARE so much like her in so many ways that I feel like a part of her is still with me.  Courtney's laugh, Rebekah's quiet nature and Danielle's loving ways.  In many ways, she IS still here.

But I want to hug her.  I want to laugh with her.  I want her to call me and sing to me as she drives home from work.  I want her to say, "Hi Babe!" like she used to.  I ache so deeply just typing these words. 

I used to feel her around me, but I don't have that feeling anymore and I hope it's because she has moved on to the higher level of Heaven that she so rightly deserves, but I miss her little signs and messages.

Oh Joanne, how I wish you were here....

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