Thursday, 31 January 2013

School bus blues

Boy Oneder takes a school bus every morning.

On Monday, we had a little snow.  Nothing at all to be panicked about, but we had some snow.  It took me longer to get to work, but more because people were being extra cautious than because of slippery roads.

Boy Oneder waited for the bus for 20 never arrived.  He went home and received a recorded call a few minutes later that buses had been cancelled due to weather.  Monday was to be the day of his music exam.  The recording said that his exam would be moved to Thursday.  I was a bit ticked, but got over it.

This morning, the Thursday that Boy Oneder's exam was moved to, the bus failed to show up again.  There was NO snow on the ground when I left the house ten minutes before the bus was due to arrive.  On my way in, there were a few snow squalls, with poor visibility for a few minutes, but none of the snow was sticking to the roads.

Hubster had to drive him to school.  What if we had both already left for work and he had no other way to get to school?  Would he automatically fail his exam?  Would he be rescheduled AGAIN?  There was no call from the school today as of 8:51 am, so I assume that his exam is still on as scheduled.


I am all for the safety of my children and wouldn't want them on a school bus in trecherous weather.  But COME ON.  We live in Canada.  A country well known for it's snowy winters.  We can't cancel school buses every time we have a freaking flurry!!!

I am fuming this morning and will be calling the Board for an explanation on criteria for cancelling school buses, the protocol for letting parents and students know about said cancellations and most importantly, what would have happened had my kid not been able to get to school for his exam.

Our education system is an embarrassment.

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