Thursday, 27 December 2012

Worst Christmas ever

I worked on Christmas Eve. 

I knew something was up because I just didn't feel right all day.  Weak, tired, headachey, just blah.  I also had Middleman suffering at home from a nasty case of the flu...he suddenly spiked a fever after his soccer game on Saturday evening and got progressively worse.

I got home at about 3:00 on Christmas Eve and didn't even feel like having a glass of that point I *knew* something was wrong.

I just wanted to sleep. 

By 9:00 pm, I couldn't stay up any longer.  We usually play board games well into the night on Christmas Eve, but, I just had to sleep.  I felt so bad.

I woke up several times in the night, aching.  I can't begin to describe the pain...I felt like I'd been hit by a truck!

By Christmas morning, I felt horrible.  Terrible, painful cough and headache, fever.

As the day went on, I got worse and worse.  I couldn't believe how bad I got and how quickly.

Mom left at around 6:00 after the turkey dinner that I cooked but barely touched and I went to bed.

Christmas night, my fever went up to 103 and the aches were almost unbearable.

I spent the entire day in bed yesterday, and thank God, Hubster took good care of Threepeat to let me rest.  I slept on and off, had lots to drink and a little to eat.

I am supposed to be at the office today, but emailed in sick last night as I still had a 103 fever.  This morning, I can hardly sit here from the pain in my back.  I have a couple of clients that I need to work with, so I have to be here, logged on, but if I get done with them early enough, I will log off.

I will be getting my flu shot next year.  I got this flu last year on New Year's Eve and it was just as bad.  I'm just praying that this one doesn't turn into pnemonia like it did last year. 
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