Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sometimes I wonder...

  • What would my Dad think about my promotion?
  • What would Joanne say about the tragedy in Connecticut?
  • What would they both look like today?  Would my Dad be as handsome as he was before he got sick?  Would Joanne be as beautiful as she was when she died?
  • Would we spend our Christmas arguing over where we would be or would we be happy just to be together?
  • Would going to the dentist with Threepeat be such an ordeal if Joanne was still with us?
  • Why?   Why were they both taken from us so soon?
  • Where are they?  Can they see us?  
Sometimes I just wonder... Pin It

1 comment:

Kate said...

I think your dad would be very proud of you, Dawn. Not just for your promotion, but for the way you are raising your boys to be good men, the way you care for your mum and how you love on Joanne's girls, keeping them close to the family. You are the rock that he would have been had he been able to stay. How proud he would be of you.

I often wonder if our Lord allows our loved ones to peek at us now and then.

Much love to you, my Dawn.

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