Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mesenteric Adenitis

Say THAT five times fast!

That's what the probable diagnosis for Threepeat is. 

We went back to the hospital yesterday for our follow-up appointment with the urgent care pediatrician, who, for the record, was a wonderful doctor.  He checked all of Threepeat's vitals and looked in his ears an throat.  He listened to his heart and felt around his tummy.

Because he was already on antibiotics, the doctor assumes that the other symptoms point to mesenteric adenitis.  The first thought was appendicitis, but that was ruled out with the ultrasound.

So, since there is no pain and he is feeling much better, we are to continue with the Amoxicyllin until tomorrow (the end of his ten day prescription) and then, he will be good as new!

Thank you so much to those who were there to ease my mind.  @theteendoc, @5crookedhalos, @katieb38 on Twitter and all my great friends on Facebook.

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1 comment:

Wendy S said...

Wow! I had to google that one!

So glad that he's going to be okay!!

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