Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dr. Tara

With Threepeat being as sick as he was last week, the thought of consulting a naturopath has crossed my mind.

Even healthy people can benefit from the services of someone who uses a holisitic approach to health as opposed to pharmaceutical fixes.  In fact, I think after speaking with the doctor, that Threepeat's biggest issue was that he was put on antibiotics and may not have really needed them.  The antibiotic suppressed his immune system and then a virus was able to attack.

Naturopaths can help with all sorts of things, from anxiety and depression to hormone imbalances to cold and flu prevention. 

I cam across Toronto naturopathic clinics and considering that she is in the Toronto area, I am going to be contacting her for a consultation...not just for Threepeat, but for me as well.

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