Friday, 23 November 2012


Wow....this week has lasted for what feels like a MONTH.  It's funny how sometimes (usually when I am on vacation) the week FLIES by and sometimes, the weeks drag on.  This one dragged peeps...ugh.

Last night, Hubster and I had parent/teacher interviews for Middleman and Threepeat.  Both boys are doing AMAZINGLY well.  I always love going to the interviews because, I am blessed with really, REALLY good boys.  They gush over my guys and tell me what a great job we are doing as their parents.  I just love that so much!

A special visitor will be arriving at our house soon.  I just bought an "Elf on the Shelf".  He is due to arrive in 3 to 9 days.  The boys (especially Threepeat) will be very excited!!  Oh, who am I kidding?  *I* am so exicted to see where this little guy will turn up every day!!!

I have almost finished Christmas shopping for Threepeat...he's the easy one.  I just have to buy the things he has asked Santa know, the things that either don't exist or are very difficult (and expensive) to find?  Sigh...  As for the other boys, I am completely at a loss on what to get them.  What the heck do you get for 16 and a 13 year old boys that have pretty much everything?  Double will probably end up being gift cards...I hate that.

The boys have a PA Day today and the two olders are still sleeping.  Threepeat is at daycare because he BEGGED me to let him go.  He so loves it there and they love him like their own.  He likes to play Angry Birds with his three best pals.

Anyway, back to work I go.  Have a great weekend!

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