Saturday, 10 November 2012

Possums and Crock Pots, Soccer and Work


Got you with that title, didn't I?

We have been dealing with a possum that decided that our backyard was a good place to chill out.

The possum (or opossum as some people call them) is the most hideous looking glorified rat I've ever seen.  His fur is all gross and matted and his tail makes me shiver just thinking about it.

He hung out for a few nights last week, which made letting the dogs out at night a bit scary, but thank God, he seems to have moved on, finding no food in our yard.


I have been using my crock pot a alot lately.  I've made a few pot roasts (not possum meat!) and I've made chili a few times too.  I love that I can throw everything into the pot in the morning and just serve it at dinner time!

The indoor soccer season has begun and we have a fresh start with a new club.  The club we were with before treated our team very poorly and so, it was time to move on.  Middleman now plays for a great team with a couple of his friends.  We couldn't be happier.

Tuesday is Top Talent Day.  This is the day that will bring our project to a close, when we present our recommendations to the executive team.  I am very excited about what we will be presenting because I think we've worked really hard and gathered some very good information, but I'm not gonna lie...presenting this stuff to approximately 30 people, 10 of which are the top executives at our company, is a bit overwhelming.  I'm hoping my nerves don't get the best of me!

Dudley's doing great.  He's now BFFs with Rosie, which is nice!  Threepeat is still as full of energy as ever and Boy Oneder is looking for a part time job.

Other than that, everything is pretty much normal around these parts.  Looking forward to a night out with some friends at a local pub to see a live band tonight...the first time Hubster and I have been out alone together since our trip to Cabo San Lucas in October, 2011.  Yeah...I think we're due!

Have a great weekend!
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