Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Drive By

A drive-by post is all I have time for today, so here goes...

  • Dudley is a maniac...of this I am sure.  He is truly Threepeat in dog form...never stops running and playing until he suddenly crashes and burns
  • Top Talent is done.  We rocked it.  We are now waiting for our final takeaways to complete our project
  • Boy Oneder is going to his semi-formal on November 30th.  He bought his outfit this weekend and he looks so handsome and grown up
  • Middleman is LOVING his new soccer team.  He is getting a real work out three days a week and has already made some great friendships with his new teammates
  • Threepeat continues with his gymnastics for about three more weeks.  We watch him every Monday night and he has a HUGE perma-smile on his face for the entire hour that he is in the gym
  • I have started my Christmas shopping.  Nowhere near done, but I have a few things already hidden away
  • I think I will put up our Christmas decorations and tree this weekend...maybe
  • We had a GREAT night out on Saturday with the neighbs.  Yet another one of us crossed over the hill and hit her forties.  We partied until the wee hours of the morning
  • The previous weekend, we went out for drinks with another set of friends and had a blast there too!
  • We've started attending church again because Middleman will be confirmed this May.  I really, really hate this church and the priest, but Middleman wants to be confirmed with his friends, so this church, we must attend.  I cringe the entire time
  • I am painting a nativity set that I bought this weekend.  A couple of years ago, MIL killed our Joseph from the set we had before when she knocked him off the table.  She felt terrible and prayed for days over his accidental death.  Since then, Mary has been a single mother.  At one point, we placed one of the Wise Men in Joseph's place, but it just felt so dirty and wrong.  So a new nativity set will be placed on our table this year...if I can get it painted in time for Christmas!
  • BIG changes may be coming my way soon....

That's it for now!  Have a great Tuesday! Pin It

1 comment:

Kate said...

RIP Joseph.

Glad to read you're attending church again :)

Can't wait to hear what your new changes are!

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