Wednesday, 14 November 2012

And that's a wrap!

Six weeks

The list is endless.  There are no words that can really describe what the last 7 weeks have been like for me.  Top Talent has been a life-changing project for me.  I just can't do it justice with words.

Seven weeks ago, I was chosen from a potential 1,200 employees for a new initiative called "Top Talent".  I applied, along with 75 others.  From that 75, 32 were chosen to do presentations to the executive team on something that we felt would be a good project for the chosen few Top Talent members to work on.  From the 32, 16 of us were the chosen few.  The elite employees who were trusted to represent our company on four projects that the executive team felt needed to be brought to the forefront.  For the last seven weeks, I have been on a full team of 16 and a project team of 4.  Our mission was to work on project plans that we were to present to the executive team with a goal to move forward on our plans.

We succeeded.

Yesterday, we did a presentation to the entire executive team on forming our own charity.  We worked well into the night on many nights, all the while, expected to continue excelling at our day jobs.  And we did it.  We blew them away.

And now, it's over.  All that hard work and dedication came to fruition at 3:00 yesterday when we passionately presented a strong business case for a charity all our own.  Helping others and building a strong philanthropical name for a fantastic company.

I rubbed elbows and shared stories and laughs with every single member of the executive team.  I formed bonds with my fellow Top Talent employees.  I networked, I sang my praises and I showed them just how damned good I am.

After 16 years, I finally have a voice.  Every member of the executive team knows me by name...knows how hard I work...knows my potential.  Finally, I exist.

I rock.

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