Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Thanksgiving Drive-By

  • We had a great Thanksgiving weekend...ate a nice roast lamb dinner at my Mum's house on Sunday and then I made a faboo turkey dinner yesterday.
  • I am sick.  I started feeling yucky on Saturday with a tickly throat, sore chest and aches and pains.  It quickly got worse on Sunday and yesterday, the post-nasal drip was terrible.  I was up most of the night last night and feel dreadful today.  Hubster started it and passed it on.  Thanks Dear.
  • I am so thankful for the blessings in my life...my hubster, my boys, my Mummy, my doggies, my home, my health (even with this cold, I am healthy and so is my family), the amazing dinners we ate this weekend, my job, my friends...
  • Life is slowly becoming less stressful and I am so grateful for not only those people that are IN my life, but also, for those that are no longer a source of stress.  Sometimes, writing people off is a good thing and in this case, it has been AMAZING.  No more bullying, no more negativity...just peace
  • I am crazy busy at work.  Hectic and non-stop, but that makes for quick work days!
  • The weather is getting really cold, especially in the mornings, but I REFUSE to put that furnace on yet.  We use the gas fireplace to heat up the main floor in the mornings and I hope that will get us through until November!
  • Milo, Rosie and Dudley are now BFFs.  Everyone has found their place in the pack and they spent some great time together yesterday!  We even took them for a walk around the block and Duds did amazingly well on the leash for the first time!
  • The boys have leftover turkey for their lunches today.  I still have lots left...so tonight will be a turkey stirfry for dinner and then I will make my famous "leftover turkey soup" for tomorrow.
  • I ordered two Diamond Candles and had them shipped to my friend's house in New York.  Diamond Candles doesn't ship to Canada yet, but I HAD to have them!  I am hoping to meet up with my friend in Niagara Falls this weekend to pick them up.  Can't wait to see if I win a diamond ring!
  • Overall, life is good...very, very good.  And I am happy.  :)
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