Friday, 26 October 2012

Five Question Friday

Mama M runs her Five Question Friday Meme every week and I play along when I have the time.  Today, I have the time, so here we go!

1. Who wakes up in the morning with the kids, you or hubby?

Boy Oneder gets up first at 6:30...he showers, eats his breakfast and then comes to wake me at 7:00.  I'm usually awake, just laying in bed by that time.  I head downstairs, boot up my laptop and log in to check my emails.  Next, Middleman gets up at 7:15 and has his shower.  He also wakes up Hubster and Hubster carries Threepeat downstairs (Threepeat is a VERY slow riser).  I make breakfast for Threepeat and lunches for the three boys and kiss Boy Oneder good-bye when he leaves for the school bus at 7:30.  I help Threepeat get dressed and then the younger boys leave for school at 8:15...and I continue working.  Hubster is usually still sleeping on the couch or he is showering if he is heading into the office.  So yeah...the answer is me.

2. Do you watch the World Series even if your team isn't in it?

Nope.  I hardly watch it when the Blue Jays ARE in the World Series.

3. What is the best compliment you have received?

That my children are respectful and well behaved.  I take great pride in the fact that I am a good parent.

4. Do/did you dress up to take your kids trick or treating?

I have in the past, but only a time or two.  It's usually too cold here for any cool costumes.

5. Do you have a favorite bible verse? What is it and why?

"John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" because it reminds me that Jesus died for my sins and that because I believe in Him, I will be saved. Pin It


retired not tired said...

I noticed your cruise countdown. We're cruisers too. We have 3 planned for next year. Who do you cruise with?

My Three Sons said...

Always Carnival...simply because they are so good for the kids. Once our Threepeat is up and out, we may try the ritzy cruiselines, but until then, Carnival has been amazing for the family! I followed your last trip on your blog...looked AWESOME!! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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