Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bathroom Reno

Hubster and I have an ensuite in our bedroom.  When we bought the house, it seemed like a lovely oasis for me to relax has a step up corner tub, a nice shower stall and is a nice size. 

It didn't take me long to begin to LOATHE that bathroom.  It is the major source of stress in this house and I can hardly stand going in there.  There are cracked tiles, the shower leaks, the bathtub is WAY too big and difficult to clean.  The paint on the walls is still builder's white.  I HATE THAT ROOM!

So, to save my sanity, Hubster has promised to look into renovating that hideous room.  I am hoping he will make it into the oasis that I always wanted.  We are going to need floor files as well as bathroom wall tiles because I want tiling all over this baby.  Paint fades, wallpaper peels, tiles are forever.  I want the tiles to go halfway up all walls of the bathroom.  And I want small tiles 1 inch by 2 inch.  They need to be matt (not shiny) and the floor tile must be matt as well.

I want a regular bathtub (not the step up kind) and a bigger shower stall.  I want my one sink vanity tobecome a two sink vanity and I want lots of storage space.

It's going to cost big bucks, because I want premium, good quality items, so we will have to save up a little before beginning this messy, expensive job, but I can't WAIT! 

So, I don't think I am asking too you? Pin It

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