Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Halloween from Jack Sparrow!

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Five Question Friday

Mama M runs her Five Question Friday Meme every week and I play along when I have the time.  Today, I have the time, so here we go!

1. Who wakes up in the morning with the kids, you or hubby?

Boy Oneder gets up first at 6:30...he showers, eats his breakfast and then comes to wake me at 7:00.  I'm usually awake, just laying in bed by that time.  I head downstairs, boot up my laptop and log in to check my emails.  Next, Middleman gets up at 7:15 and has his shower.  He also wakes up Hubster and Hubster carries Threepeat downstairs (Threepeat is a VERY slow riser).  I make breakfast for Threepeat and lunches for the three boys and kiss Boy Oneder good-bye when he leaves for the school bus at 7:30.  I help Threepeat get dressed and then the younger boys leave for school at 8:15...and I continue working.  Hubster is usually still sleeping on the couch or he is showering if he is heading into the office.  So yeah...the answer is me.

2. Do you watch the World Series even if your team isn't in it?

Nope.  I hardly watch it when the Blue Jays ARE in the World Series.

3. What is the best compliment you have received?

That my children are respectful and well behaved.  I take great pride in the fact that I am a good parent.

4. Do/did you dress up to take your kids trick or treating?

I have in the past, but only a time or two.  It's usually too cold here for any cool costumes.

5. Do you have a favorite bible verse? What is it and why?

"John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" because it reminds me that Jesus died for my sins and that because I believe in Him, I will be saved. Pin It

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

A friend of mine on Facebook introduced me to Diamond Candles a few weeks ago.  I thought they were SO cool. 

They are all natural soy candles in beautiful jars and so many awesome scents.  The best part?  Every candle has a ring inside it.  The rings are worth anywhere from $10 to $5000!!!  I had to get me some of these candles, but I had a problem.

The problem?  They don't ship to Canada.  :(

Luckily, I have lots of friends in the United States and my good friend, Rhonda, agreed to let me have them shipped to her house and then the plan was that she would then ship them on to me.

Even more luckily, Rhonda received the two candles last week and had plans to come to Niagara Falls for the weekend! 

After much scheduling and rescheduling, I was able to drive out to Niagara Falls yesterday to pick up my candles.

I lit the apple slice one first and almost immediately, my kitchen smelled lovely.  Of course, I had to get the other one, Hawaiian Coconut going too...the sooner I burned these suckers, the sooner I would find my prize!  I think my favourite of the two is the Hawaiian Coconut. a beach!

Anyway, about three hours later, I saw a shiny foil package inside the melting wax.  I grabbed a knife and dug that sucker out like a kid on Christmas day!  I opened up the package and found this:

It's not real, but it sure is pretty!

I can't wait for the prize inside the other candle, which I lit the moment I cam downstairs this morning!

And then, I can't wait to order more!  The scents are so nice and the added little prize makes this so addicting!!

I'll keep you posted!  :)

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Friday, 12 October 2012

Five Question Friday

I haven't done Five Question Friday in AGES, so I thought I would participate today.  If you want to play along, head over to Mama M's blog and get crackin'!

1. Did you have any homecoming traditions?

Homecoming is an American thing.  I don't even know what it is to be honest, so homecoming traditions here.

2. Do you ask your spouse before spending money?

Generally speaking, no.  We both contribute to the family income and so, I don't feel the need to ask HIM if I can spend OUR money.  But...if it's a big purchase ($100 or more), I do ask.  He asks me too if it's a big ticket item.

3. If you could be famous for something what would it be?

Curing cancer.  Inspiring world peace.  Changing many lives for the better.

4. Have you ever seriously thought you were going crazy?

Daily.  Seriously though, yes...quite a few times.  Being a full-time working wife and mom of three boys and two furbabies is a difficult thing...sometimes, I have felt like I am losing my mind.  Maybe I actually have?  LOL!

5. How do you eat your steak? Burger? (as in, well done, medium, still moo-ing...)

Burgers have to be cooked right through...if there is even a sign of pink, I won't eat it...I don't want e-coli thankyouverymuch.  Steak must be medium rare, erring on the rare side.  Mmmmm.....maybe a BBQ dinner is in order tonight.

Have a great weeekend!

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bathroom Reno

Hubster and I have an ensuite in our bedroom.  When we bought the house, it seemed like a lovely oasis for me to relax has a step up corner tub, a nice shower stall and is a nice size. 

It didn't take me long to begin to LOATHE that bathroom.  It is the major source of stress in this house and I can hardly stand going in there.  There are cracked tiles, the shower leaks, the bathtub is WAY too big and difficult to clean.  The paint on the walls is still builder's white.  I HATE THAT ROOM!

So, to save my sanity, Hubster has promised to look into renovating that hideous room.  I am hoping he will make it into the oasis that I always wanted.  We are going to need floor files as well as bathroom wall tiles because I want tiling all over this baby.  Paint fades, wallpaper peels, tiles are forever.  I want the tiles to go halfway up all walls of the bathroom.  And I want small tiles 1 inch by 2 inch.  They need to be matt (not shiny) and the floor tile must be matt as well.

I want a regular bathtub (not the step up kind) and a bigger shower stall.  I want my one sink vanity tobecome a two sink vanity and I want lots of storage space.

It's going to cost big bucks, because I want premium, good quality items, so we will have to save up a little before beginning this messy, expensive job, but I can't WAIT! 

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Thanksgiving Drive-By

  • We had a great Thanksgiving weekend...ate a nice roast lamb dinner at my Mum's house on Sunday and then I made a faboo turkey dinner yesterday.
  • I am sick.  I started feeling yucky on Saturday with a tickly throat, sore chest and aches and pains.  It quickly got worse on Sunday and yesterday, the post-nasal drip was terrible.  I was up most of the night last night and feel dreadful today.  Hubster started it and passed it on.  Thanks Dear.
  • I am so thankful for the blessings in my hubster, my boys, my Mummy, my doggies, my home, my health (even with this cold, I am healthy and so is my family), the amazing dinners we ate this weekend, my job, my friends...
  • Life is slowly becoming less stressful and I am so grateful for not only those people that are IN my life, but also, for those that are no longer a source of stress.  Sometimes, writing people off is a good thing and in this case, it has been AMAZING.  No more bullying, no more negativity...just peace
  • I am crazy busy at work.  Hectic and non-stop, but that makes for quick work days!
  • The weather is getting really cold, especially in the mornings, but I REFUSE to put that furnace on yet.  We use the gas fireplace to heat up the main floor in the mornings and I hope that will get us through until November!
  • Milo, Rosie and Dudley are now BFFs.  Everyone has found their place in the pack and they spent some great time together yesterday!  We even took them for a walk around the block and Duds did amazingly well on the leash for the first time!
  • The boys have leftover turkey for their lunches today.  I still have lots tonight will be a turkey stirfry for dinner and then I will make my famous "leftover turkey soup" for tomorrow.
  • I ordered two Diamond Candles and had them shipped to my friend's house in New York.  Diamond Candles doesn't ship to Canada yet, but I HAD to have them!  I am hoping to meet up with my friend in Niagara Falls this weekend to pick them up.  Can't wait to see if I win a diamond ring!
  • Overall, life is good...very, very good.  And I am happy.  :)
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Tuesday, 2 October 2012



Rosie doesn't snap at Dudley's face EVERY time he walks by now...

And she tolerates him being on the same couch for a spell...

And every now and then, will even share the couch cushion:

Baby steps!
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Monday, 1 October 2012

Almost at 70,000 vistors!

If you happen to log on and see the number 70,000 on my stats counter and you printscreen and email it to me at, you will win a $10.00 Tim Horton's giftcard.

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