Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Update on us...

  • Dudmuffin is fitting in perfectly with the fam.  He is as smart as a whip and so loving and affectionate.  He is tinier that his photos show and he has moments where he pounces around like a kitten.  Rosie is tolerating him.  She growls at him to keep him at a distance, but little Dudley doesn't give up.  He is determined to be her friend...I'm hoping that day will come soon because he is so desperate to play with her.  He was very slow to start eating, which worried me a lot over the weekend.  He honestly survived from Thursday to Sunday on about 5-10 pieces of puppy kibble per day.  Being so little and so feisty, he needs the food for energy and I was really starting to worry about hypoglycemia, which is very common in little chihuahuas.  Luckily, I was able to get him to eat a nice big (2 tsps) meal on Sunday by mixing some boiled chicken into his softened kibble.  Now that he's eating a little, I feel much better.  He is sleeping in his crate at night time and last night was the first night that I slept upstairs in my bed.  His crate was in the family room.  I let him out at 11:00 and got up at 6:15 and he had had no accidents...GOOD BOY!  Threepeat loves him to death (almost literally) and so his crate is a peaceful place where Threepeat is not allowed to bother him.  Boy Oneder and Middleman as well as Hubster are all smitten with our little guy.  He is a great addition to our family of boys!
  • School is going well for all three boys.  Middleman's soccer season is coming to an end and Boy Oneder's hockey season is just beginnning.  Threepeat started gymnastics last week and loved it. We missed last night because both Hubster and I had to work late, but he didn't remember that it was Monday, so he has no clue that he missed a class. ;)
  • Threepeat lost his second tooth last night...the bottom right has now joined the bottom left that he lost a couple of months ago and he has a big gap in the bottom of his mouth.  He is really quite proud of his "big boy" status.
  • Boy Oneder is still dating his lovely girlfriend, "A".  She is beautiful, inside and out and I am very pleased with his choice.  I know that he's only 16 and chances are, she will be one of many, but I am going to enjoy her while she's here.  She is just amazing.
  • I have been chosen to be part of the "Top Talent Team" at work.  I am one of 16 people in the entire company chosen to be on this team.  We are meeting this Thursday and Friday for a conference where we will be working on projects with executive mentors.  I am extremely excited about this and can't wait to see what's in store for us.  This is such an awesome opportunity to work with some really great people and learn a lot from some high level executives!
I think that captures everything that's going on around here.  Now that summer is coming to an end, hopefully, our lives will slow down just a bit so I can be better about blogging more frequently! Pin It

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